10 Chicago Breweries You Need to Try

The craft beer industry and Chicago are no strangers. In fact, some of the top rated breweries can be found there. So whether you are a local looking to switch up your usual hangouts or you are planning your next trip to the city, be sure to check out our list of these Chicago breweries you need to try!

1. Half Acre Beer Company 

This fun and unique setting is a staple in the Chicago beer scene. With three staple beers brewed year round and several seasonal beers available as well, you will have many delicious beers to try on your visit. Be sure not to miss out the great food options they have to offer. From fine dinning to creative burritos, half acre will not disappoint.

4257 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago IL 60618 | Website 

2. Revolution Brewing 

If you make a stop here, you will be stoping at Illinois’ largest independently-owned brewery. Starting in 2010, Revolution Brewing has been at the forefront of the growing craft beer industry across the United States. They are constantly experimenting with new flavors and new styles to create the ideal beers for their customers. This brewery is must try when in Chicago!

2323 N Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60647 | Website 

3. Goose Island Beer Co. 

Goose Island is practically a pioneer in the craft beer industry. Starting in 1995 they have been creating delicious beers for over 20 years now. With a vide variety of beer options to choose from and specializing in ales and lagers, Goose Island will be a hit with everyone. Their unique barrel-aging process sets them apart from others involved in the craft brewing industry.

1800 W Fulton St Chicago IL | Website 

4. Lagunitas Brewing Company 

Although this brewing company is not unique to only Chicago, it is the home to the beers’ Midwest headquarters. It ranks as the city’s largest brewery and also provides a fun and party like atmosphere on every visit. There is no shortage of beer here, come try a large number of different beers and pair it with some of the yummy bites they have to offer as well.

2607 W. 17th St. Chicago, Ill. 60608 | Website

5. Moody Tongue Brewery 

The beers at Moody Tongue are sure to take your tastebuds on an adventure. Known for combining unique culinary flavors and incorporating them into the beer, this place will allow you to step out of your comfort zone and explore some of the great beers that you can’t find anywhere else.

The Glass Factory, Building 3, 2136 S. Peoria St. Chicago, IL 60608 | Website 

6. Sketchbook Brewing Co. 

Started in 2014, Sketchbook is a very community oriented brewery. Their products are brewed in small batches and only distributed locally making their creations a bit exclusive. With many beers available on tap, and delicious ales and IPAs, you won’t want to miss out on a visit to Sketchbook Brewing Co.

821 Chicago Ave., Evanston, IL,  60202 | Website 

7. Band of Bohemia 

This is a brewpub provides an experience unlike any other. Band of Bohemia is the first Michelin rated brewpub. With six unique beers currently on tap and a menu that will make your mouth water, this brewpub is the perfect spot for the experienced diner and beer lover all wrapped up in one.

4710 N. Ravenswood Ave. Chicago, Illinois  60640 | Website 

8. Dovetail Brewery

Dovetail strives to provide its guest the perfect combination of classic European tastes with American twists to create the perfect craft beer. Dovetail is big on a strong work ethic and they have a long list of beers to show for it. From tours to fun events, Dovetail does it all to make your experience the best it can be.

1800 W Belle Plaine Chicago, IL 60613 | Website 

9. 5 Rabbit Cervecería

This brewery is unique because it is the first US based Latin American-inspired brewery. They try to incorporate the wonderful aspects and flavors of Latin American culture into every beer they brew. By combing history with innovation, they are taking the craft beer industry in a whole new direction.

6398 W 74th St Bedford Park, IL 60638 | Website 

10. Solemn Oath Brewery 

Opened in 2012, this brewery is always trying to grow themselves and experiment with new flavors in order to create the best beer possible. With a long beer list and plan to keep growing, Solemn Oath is taking the Chicago area over, one tap at a time.

1661 Quincy Ave #179, Naperville IL 60540 | Website

From classic American breweries, European influences, and even Latin culture inspired beers, this list has it all. Whether you are a seasoned beer drinker, or a beginner, you will find something to love at each one of these stops!

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