10 Fun and Free Date Ideas

Dates can be fun, but they can add up for the one paying up! Here is a list of lots of fun ideas for you to do before summer is up!

  • Game Night- Board games, Electronics, Twister: pick your poison! Have a game night in and play the night away!
  • Study Date- Not done your summer reading? Head to a local bookstore to study, browse magazines, test out music, and maybe splurge on a coffee!
  • Exercise- Take a run or walk outside, if you have a dog- bring the dog along!
  • Nature Hike- Take a leisurely hike through a trail and finish with picking some flowers with each other and a picnic at the end!
  • Free Tours- You would be surprised at how many places nearby (i.e. museums, factories) offer free tours! Spend the day learning about your city and tour local free museums or other landmarks.
  • Volunteer- Volunteer at a local spot in your community such as a garden, daycare, or SPCA.
  • Movie Marathon- Take turns choosing your favorite movies, chick flicks or horror- sit through each others movie and enjoy with some popcorn!
  • Sunrise or Sunset- Enjoy a night or morning with your date while watching the sun rise or set.
  • Picnic- Pick a spot in a local park, bring along some snacks and enjoy each other’s company along with some snacks.
  • Window Shopping- Browse through your local Walmart or Target’s kids toys aisles and go crazy playing with the testers!
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