10 Habits to Adopt to Become a Better YOU

by Sarah Scoop
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Everyone in the world is becoming busier as time goes by.  With all of these constant updates in technology, people are living their lives at a faster rate, but this also means more stress is added to the body as well.  It is important to destress and take care of yourself no matter what.  That is a fact that we often forget.  In order to remind you of the necessity of self-care,  here are 10 habits that you can adopt to become a better you.

Drink More Water

Put down the sodas and sugary drinks for a while and drink more water, and no, Gatorade and power drinks do not count. Not only will drinking more water help energize you, it will help clear your skin, make you perform better, and have an all around better attitude.


Whether it’s doing yoga, relaxing in a spa, or praying at home or around friends, meditation comes in all forms and is very healthy for the body, mind, and soul.

Exercise Regularly

Trust me, it keeps the stress down!  If you don’t want to pay for a gym membership, there are plenty of other ways to exercise such as power walking, jogging or running outside, playing sports, doing yoga, or even finding exercise tutorials on YouTube.  Anything is possible when it come to exercising and keeping fit!

Eat Less Sugar

This may be hard for some people at first, but your body will soon get used to you eating healthier foods and will not take sugars (unless they are natural) as well. A little sugar is good, but too much can keep your energy down and stress you out.  The more energy you have, the better you will feel about yourself!

Substitute Tea for Coffee

Make a goal to say goodbye to Starbucks for a month and drink some fine herbal tea for your health!  Don’t worry, tea is just as tasty and gives you just as much energy as coffee!  In addition, studies suggest drinking tea can reduce you chance of developing certain kinds of cancers and tumors. You will be energized longer since there’s no crash that’ll follow a morning cup. It’s easier than making coffee (just boil water and steep.)  Teas are loaded with antioxidants and can help increase you metabolism.  It won’t stain your teeth, helps protects bones, strengthens your immune system, and helps to reduce stress. If those aren’t good reasons to drink more tea, I don’t know what is!

Walk More

Who says you have to run or jog to be healthy? Sure it will help, but you can start walking first.  Power walking is great option!  This is a way to help keep yourself fit while enjoying the beauty of Mother Nature in the great outdoors!  You can start walking right outside your house and around your neighborhood, or instead of driving somewhere, chose to walk if the place is close enough for you.  You can try this option at least a few times a week as a change.

Wake Up Earlier

This helps you to save energy as well; plus, you get to see more of the day.  Of course, you’ll have to go to bed earlier to get a full night’s rest, but if one of your hobbies is sleeping, this shouldn’t be a problem!

Put Your Phone Away

Although cell phones are a necessary item for work, school, and going out sometimes, it is often overused. There are studies that prove that using your phone right before you go to sleep, or even keeping it near you, causes you to be partially awake due to the phone’s lights still shining in your face at night.  This ultimately causes you to be extra tired during the day.  If we were to just stop using our phones for the day and leave it behind, imagine how much energy we would save.

Create Something

Whether it’s painting something, writing in a journal, or making something truly outrageous, creating helps uplift your spirits! It is both fun to do and helps balance your thoughts and emotions as well.

Look in the Mirror and Tell Yourself How Much You’re in Love With You

“I’m in love with me!” That is what you should tell yourself every day.  Many people are afraid to admit their love for themselves.  Everyone is afraid of being seen as overconfident or narcissistic.  We put others before ourselves so much sometimes that we don’t even know our self-worth.  Remind yourself that you are special and deserving.  Remember, you are enough!

We need to be loving ourselves as best we can.  This means nourishing our minds and our bodies.  You won’t become the best version of yourself over night, but these simple steps will start guiding you in the right direction.

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