10 Harry Potter Facts You Never Knew

by Sarah Scoop

Are you a Harry Potter super fan? Are you sure? Well, we are. And we wanted to make sure that you knew of these 10 facts about the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beats series.

It was only twenty years ago that J.K. Rowling brought our favorite wizard to life! Her stories changed our childhood, and it’s safe to say also the movie industry. With spectacular plot lines and CGI, Harry Potter is a must-see!

The Harry Potter franchise shows us the life of a young boy who discovers his magic abilities after losing his parents and having to live an unfortunate life with his aunt and uncle. The films depict Harry’s journey as a wizard, all while fighting off dementors and He Who Must Not Be Named. Additionally, in the Fantastic Beasts series, we learn a little more about wizard life before Harry and Voldemort.

1. The Mirror of Erised

In Harry Potter, this scene shows a heart-warming, yet sad depiction of Harry and his parents in the mirror. Dumbledore enters the scene and informs Harry of the sad truth behind the mirror. He says “This mirror gives us neither knowledge or truth, men have wasted away in front of it, even gone mad.”

Dumbledore knows well the damage the mirror causes because he himself starred at the mirror and reminisced about his infamous relationship with Grindelwald.

2. More Than Friends?

That leads us to our next shocking fact about Harry Potter! Dumbledore and Grindelwald have an inseparable relationship with each other. This leads people to believe that Dumbledore and Grindalwald were more than friends in their youth.

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3. Young Mcgonagall

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If you watched the Harry Potter prequel, Fantastic Beasts, then you noticed a much younger version of professor McGonagall appear on the screen. McGonagall was born in 1935, and according to the book, began teaching in the 1950’s. That leaves us asking, how is McGonagall present during this time, way before she was born?

Keep in mind these wizards have traveling capabilities, so one reason is that McGonagall is able to time travel back in time to appear in the prequel film as a much younger version of herself!

Or this simply was a recton to facilitate the quick shift in dynamic for the scene.

4. Voldemort is his own biggest fear!

Voldemort is actually incredibly fearful of his own dead corpse, which is why he was so willful in getting the stone.

5. Ginny’s life after Hogwarts

After marrying Harry, Ginny began her career as a professional Quidditch player! She then pursued a career in writing. Keeping the art of the Quidditch game alive by writing about the game.

6. Hagrid was expelled

When the Chamber of Secrets was opened, a monster was released, which led to a the death of a Hogwarts’ student. Tom Riddle then falsely accused Hagrid of opening the chamber. This unfortunate event was the reason for Hagrid’s expulsion.

7. How is Hermione born a wizard with two muggle parents?

Hermione is born with two parents who are not wizards. This raises a lot of issues among Hermione’s peers, but being born with two muggle parents is not uncommon!

Muggle-born wizards are not affected by their parents inability to cast spells. In fact some of the best wizards have been muggle-born!

8. JK Rowling had an incredibly complicated outline for her book!

As you can see, JK Rowling’s outline for the Harry Potter series was very complex. We don’t know how she thought of it all, this was just Rowling’s way of putting together some of the best book series in history.

9. The magic of the broomsticks

The brooms are made by aircraft- grade titanium! The actors using them weighed less than 100 pounds, but still used them as young adults, so these brooms had to withstand the weight.

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10. Harry Potter & Hermione’s Relationship

The Harry Potter series is one of the first movies that has a platonic relationship with leading roles. Harry and Hermione are friends all throughout the movie, and we love their close friendship!

That concludes 10 most insane facts about the Harry Potter film series. It’s safe to say that even for those Harry Potter fanatics, these scenes and characters create some of the most iconic movies scenes in film history.

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