10 Must Visit Zoos in the United States

Looking for an entertaining and relatively inexpensive way to have fun this summer? Zoo’s are your answer! Whether you want to stay local, or you are up for a road trip, our list of 10 must visit zoos in the United States are sure to be a hit with everyone this summer!

1. San Diego Zoo

This historic zoo is full of diverse exhibits that everyone will love. With 3,500 animals and 650 species represented, this is great place to visit if you are in or traveling to Southern California. Not only will the weather be great, but you can enjoy great features such as the Skyfari which will fly you over several animal exhibits and the zoo’s collection of giant pandas which is a rare sight.


2. Bronx Zoo

The Bronx Zoo is one of the largest metropolitan zoos in the world. Also known for its large number of animals and diverse species, this zoo is full of great sights to see. While on your visit, be sure to try the 4D movie experience and watch a short film while feeling like you are actually in the show. You will forget you are even in New York while at the Bronx Zoo because of how large and secluded the zoo feels.


3. Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

This zoo is truly one of a kind. With one-of-a-kind exhibits offered to its guests, this zoo will keep you excited and interested your whole time there. It has the world’s largest indoor desert exhibit and the world’s largest indoor swamp exhibit. The Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium is very unique and perfect for families looking to experience a well rounded and interactive zoo trip.


4. Saint Louis Zoo

This award winning zoo will take visitors all around the world with their variety of exhibits. With six zones featuring animals from South America to Asia, you will be able to experience a unique variety of animals at this zoo. The best part about your trip here? The Saint Louis Zoo is free to the public! You have no reason not to stop by on your next trip to St. Louis.


5. Audubon Zoo

Located in New Orleans, Louisiana, this zoo is perfect for those looking to learn more on the surrounding habitat of that part of the country. Not only is there a wonderful Jaguar exhibit, visitors can see a great recreation of a authentic Louisiana Swamp and learn more about the people who have used the swamp to live off of for many years. This zoo combine history with nature and is the perfect place for your next zoo trip.


6. Fort Worth Zoo

This zoo is the oldest continuous site in Texas. With a passion to make sure all guests entertained and educated while on their visit to the zoo, the Fort Worth Zoo will for sure be a hit with everyone. Their passion for conservation is another important aspect of everyday life at the zoo. On your visit you will see a wide range of exhibits with animals from all around the world and enjoy the constant growth and improvement that the Fort Worth Zoo is striving for.


7. Memphis Zoo

This zoo strives to make sure that every visitor maximizes their time while they are at the zoo. With schedules available to guests, you can enjoy feeding times for many animals and other small events happening at the zoo that will allow you to see the most animals during your time there. Be sure to check out their new Zambezi River exhibit highlighting life on one of Africa’s most diverse rivers.


8. Kansas City Zoo

Founded in 1909, this zoo has been a landmark in KC for many years. It offers a friendly and easy way to learn about animals from all over the world and even allows for guests to travel around the park by the Zebra tram or the African Sky Safari. With an award winning African animal section of the park and a large polar bear exhibit the Kansas City Zoo is a unique and growing place where people can learn and have fun all at the same place.


9. Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

This zoo is located in Ohio and is home to over 9,000 animals and a wide range of species. On top of the amazing animal exhibits the zoo has to offer, you can also enjoy an 18-hole golf course and a water park to top off your trip. The Columbus Zoo is also very well known for their dedication to many conservation projects around the world. This zoo has amazing staff that is passionate about your visit to the zoo and wants to help you learn and enjoy your trip as much as possible.


10. Philadelphia Zoo

Recognized as the first authentic zoo in America, the Philadelphia Zoo is full of history and amazing attractions that make it one of the best in the U.S. While on your visit be sure to check out the 6abc Zooballoon which allows visitors to rise to 400ft. and overlook some of the zoos most amazing exhibits and even views of the Philadelphia skyline.


If this list doesn’t make you wanna pack your bags or plan your trips now, I’m not sure what will! With unique exhibits and fantastic animals, zoos are the perfect combination for fun and learning. Each zoo is located in a great city that can provide entertainment for you and the whole family!

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