10 Nail Trends We Love!

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week left us longing for new wardrobes, including new nail polishes. The nail trends gracing the catwalks of Zac Posen and VPL have all fashionistas craving a nail revamp.  Here are ten of my personal favorite trends from Fashion Week!

Classic & Ladylike

At Zac Posen, manicures dominated – but what was unique about these nails was the length. Instead of the short and proper length we’re accustomed to, the nails were filed into grown-up, flattering shapes. They weren’t too long, but were elegant.

Classic and ladylike nails dominated the Zac Posen Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week presentation.

Inverse Operation

Pamela Love added a modern twist to the classic French manicure by using untraditional colors; plum mixed with cream, turquoise and gold, and even black and white!

Barely There

A nail trend that is transitioning with us from winter to spring is the resurgence of elegant nude polish. It is simple and subtle enough for us to wear from the office to a gala which might explain its popularity at the VPL spring collection.

Ombré Manicures

The thrill of the ombré manicure is warranted; like the crackle polish of last season, ombré merges one color into another color to offer a new spring trend. Gradients are in! Sidenote: Don’t use ombré hair color and nail polish together. You might scare small children.

The ombre manicure is thrilling!

Bright, Bold & Wild

Pick a vibrant color from the rainbow. Then, paint your nails that color! Simple as that.

Blinged Out

Who doesn’t want their nails to sparkle and shine? Use glitter, sequins, and rhinestones in various colors to achieve this look.


After a season filled with bright and neon-colors, it is a welcome relief to see chartreuse and other calm colors filling nail salon shelves. This color puts me in the mind of Audrey Hepburn – vintage and classic.

Chartreuse-colored nails are all the rave this season. Combine them with prints for a fabulous finish!

Glitz, Glamour & Shimmer

Shimmers and metallic sheens can provide an extra “pop” to a fabulous outfit.

Add glitz and glamour to your wardrobe with these shimmering nails.

The Fabrics Gallery

Racing stripes, graffiti, and skyscraper patterns! Oh, the amazingness of Fashion Week. Fun, but chic nail patterns are raging this season. Like Ruffian, use real fabric to capture this nail look.


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