10 Pretty Cool Disney Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Think you know everything about Disney World? Here’s the scoop on 10 pretty cool Disney facts you probably didn’t know.

1. Discovery Island and River Country were left abandoned.

Discovery Island is a park where Disney kept several species of animals and presented conservation efforts to park goers. This park is completely abandoned. Since it’s closing in 1999, the park is pretty much overgrown with plants and any surviving animals. According to those who have managed to sneak onto the island a few years ago and recently, everything is exactly as it was when it closed. The water park River Country closed permanently in 2001. Disney left this property untouched until people found out about it and started sneaking glances. Although it’s under construction, visitors of Mickey Backyard BBQ will find it’s location pretty familiar.

2. It pays to stay after the fireworks.

If you stay in the parks until closing, there’s something called A Kiss Goodnight. It’s a special nightly farewell to the guests feature Mickey himself.

3. Magic Kingdom is Elevated

Yes, Magic Kingdom actually resides above ground. Disney’s tunnel system enables Cast Members to get from place to place out of visitor sight, which means the tunnels are ground level. Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion will take you partially below ground.

4. Mission: Space was Disney’s first ride with two versions.

The opening of Mission: Space presented Disney with mixed reviews. Most of the complaints stated that it was too intense. Disney listened and now offers two versions of Mission: Space for those who would much rather a gentle approach.

5. Disney revived Captain EO

The ride retired after a 10 year run in 1986. Michael Jackson’s passing led to a call for Captain EO’s return. Disney brought it back, but then retired again. The 80s ride closed permanently again in 2015. Will Disney bring it back? Who knows.

6. There’s a slew of feral cats in Disneyland

Yup, there’s 200 feral cats roaming around Disneyland. They keep the pests at bay during the night. If you see one during the day, say hi from afar and thank them for their brave service.

7. Super Secret Basketball Court

Well, it’s no so super secret anymore. You know the Matterhorn? There’s a basketball court in there. It’s on the third floor and it’s hidden away to the public. Don’t think it’s going to waste because the Cast Members definitely use it.

8. Steve Jobs has a Cars car

Steve Jobs didn’t just own Apple. He was a major shareholder with Disney and one of the brain child’s for Pixar. There were several tributes to Steve Jobs after his death including a mention in Brave and Disney’s flag being flown at half mast. However, the most notable one appears in Cars 2. There’s a white car with the Apple logo and a number 84 on the side.

9. Ariel and Merida are the only princesses with siblings

Can it really be that all Disney princesses are only children? Pretty much. Merida has her brothers, Harris, Hubert, and Hamish, while Ariel’s sisters take up the length of a song. Honorable mention goes to Cinderella and her step sisters. However, if we’re counting blood-relative sisters, then Merida and Ariel are the only ones who aren’t only children.

10. Disneyland Time Capsule

Disneyland has many surprising including a time capsule. The “Time Castle” was buried in 1995 by Sleeping Beauty Castle for the 40th Anniversary Celebration. It’s set to be opened in 2035 during the 80th anniversary.

This list doesn’t even scratch the surface of all of Disney’s secrets for their parks and their movies. Next time you’re visiting the parks or watching the movies, keep an eye out. You just might spot something you never noticed. What’s your favorite piece of Disney trivia?

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