10 Pros And Cons of Being Friends With Your Ex


To stay in touch or not stay in touch: that is the question.

It’s not easy to cut yourself off from someone that used to be a significant part of your life; especially someone that you were once romantically involved with. When it comes to letting go of an ex, people can never agree on an answer. Some will keep interacting with an ex like there’s no tomorrow, and some will forget they ever met.

Before you make your choice, consider some of the following pros and cons of staying in touch with an ex first:

PRO: You have friend that has a solid understanding of you.

CON: There was a reason you two broke up. That reason can be the same reason for disaster in your friendship.

PRO: Because of having been in a relationship with you himself, he can be the perfect wingman and offer amazing advice.

CON: His constant presence in your life can have you comparing him with every guy you meet. Talk about living in the past.

PRO: You can both help each other move on.

CON: You might not move forward at the same time. This can lead to jealousy and possibly resentment.

PRO: You’ll have endless things to talk about as friends because you have many similarities.

CON: You’ll have nothing to talk about because the dynamic has changed.

PRO: The friendship can surprise you and help you grow and mature.

CON: The friendship can hurt you and cause disappointment and grief.

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