10 Self-Confidence Boosters

Feeling lousy, low, or left out? Take a look at the list below for ways to boost your confidence.

Take a social media break
For all the great things social media gives us (a connection to friends and family, great DIY ideas, etc.) it can also leave us feeling less than perfect. If you are constantly comparing your life to what you see online, then it may be time to take a social media break. Tuning out the constant influx of other people’s lives can help you focus on what is good about your own.

Start a fitness routine
Make it a point to exercise for at least thirty minutes every day. Try taking a walk, popping in an exercise DVD, or going to a yoga class. Sticking to an exercise regimen not only improves your mood and your health, but the discipline can help motivate you to work on other areas of your life.

Keep a gratitude journal
Set aside time each evening to jot down a few things that went well during the day. It can be something simple, such as getting a text from a friend. Or it can be something bigger, like a promotion at work. Focusing on the positives will help you feel more at peace with where you are in life.

Go outside
Nothing works better to boost the mood, and make you feel good about life in general, than some time in the sun. Make it a point to spend time outside every day.

Low self-confidence can cause you to get stuck in your head. A great way to free yourself from this habit is to shift your focus outward by helping others. Invest your time at a local soup kitchen, or do something simple like bringing your elderly neighbor their mail. The magical thing about volunteering is it benefits others, but also swings back around to benefit you as well.

Traveling is a great way to open your eyes to how big the world is. And if you can successfully navigate through it, you’ll find that it can make you feel pretty darn good about yourself.

Enjoy a Hobby
Often times we can feel bad about ourselves if we don’t have our own thing going on. If all you do is trudge off to work and then come home to watch TV, that doesn’t offer much in the way of a “life” for yourself. To feel good you have to participate in the things you enjoy. Honing a skill not only offers a feeling of accomplishment, but it can also provide a sense of purpose that will in turn boost your self-confidence.

Take a class
The more you learn, and the more you experience, the more well-rounded of a person you become. If you feel stuck in a rut, try taking a class and experiencing something new. There are classes available for pretty much everything, from cooking to dancing to web design. Find something that interests you and give it a try. Bonus points if it’s something you never thought you could or would do.

If you are feeling badly about yourself, it may help to take some quiet time for internal reflection. Listen to your thoughts and get to know yourself.

Stay Organized
Sometimes feeling more confident can be as simple as organizing your surroundings. After all, how can you expect to feel self-assured if you are tripping over dirty laundry and constantly fighting with an overflowing purse? Take a few extra minutes each day to tidy things up. Try laying out your clothes for the next day, and organizing your mail so it’s not a mad scramble to pay bills at the last moment. Small things like these can help you feel more in control, and therefore more confident.




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