10 Signs He’s Into You!


In 2009, Jennifer Anniston and multiple other hollywood starlets gave us an inside look at the male mind and concluded that the guy you like is more than likely, just not that into you. So why is the female brain so inept at reading a male’s behavior? More importantly, how can you tell if a guy IS into you? We’ve compiled a list of 10 signs that the guy you’re swooning over, is in fact, swooning over you too!

1. He’s showing interest in what you’re saying

You’re at dinner with your man and you’ve just spent 10 minutes rambling about Aunt Sally’s pet hedgehog before you can even realize what you’re saying. To your surprise, you’ve got his full attention. He’s not on his phone and his eyes aren’t wandering, they’re glued on yours. He may not care too much about Aunt Sally’s hedgehog, but he likes the sound of your voice and the joy you bring to the conversation.

2.  You’re not faking it 

With every guy before him, you’ve had to put on an act. You couldn’t blare Taylor Swift and sing at the top of your lungs because he hated Taylor Swift and wasn’t too fond of your off-key singing. Your sarcasm was lost in translation and you covered up your joking nature in public for fear of embarrassing him. But this guy is different… He joins in on your sing-a-longs and his voice might be worse than yours. He’s the counterpart to your sarcasm and even better, he enjoys being the butt of your jokes. You’re not faking it and he loves it.

3. He knows all of the little things

There’s a little drive-up spot by the beach that takes your mind off of everything. You know all of the words to American Pie and your favorite color isn’t blue or green, but a combination of both. You’re not that into jewelry but you never take off the sterling silver ring that your grandma gave you for graduation. Your guy not only knows these things, but appreciates them as well. They make you who you are.

4. He goes out of his way to surprise you

He knows you love sunflowers and pints of Ben & Jerry’s and he takes advantage of that. He surprises you with little favors when you least expect it and it just so happens to be when you need it most.

5. He shares his life with you

When something good or bad happens, you’re the first to find out. That’s the sign of a man who wants to share both his ups and downs with you. He wants to revel in the good times and team up with you to conquer the bad times.

6. He texts you first

From a mans mouth to your ears; most guys despise chasing after a girl. And as most of us ladies know, they leave that job to us and rarely text us first. If he’s initiating the conversation, that only means one thing — you were on his mind. You are more than worth the effort and potential shame of caving in and chasing the girl.

7. He knows when something is wrong

“I’m fine.” Typically the first words to leave a woman’s mouth when a man asks her what’s wrong. If your man is truly into you, he knows that “I’m fine” couldn’t be further from the truth. He insists on getting to the bottom of your problem and doing everything in his power to make it better.

8. He wants you to meet his mom

Regardless of any woman in a mans life, his mother will always be the most important. Her opinion matters more than anyone else’s and if he wants to bring you home to meet mom: he has faith in who you are. He wants his mom to understand the reason behind his happiness and he wants her stamp of approval. You got this, girl!

9. He wants to show you off 

You are the best accessory he’s got and he’s proud to wear you on his arm. He brings you in front of his friends, takes you to all of his favorite spots, and proudly introduces you as his girl.

10. He’s not afraid of a little PDA. 

He’ll grab your hand before walking into a crowded room just so everyone knows who you’re with. He’ll keep his hand on your lower back when he’s introducing you to his friends. He’s not afraid to show affection. He’s into you!


How many times have you heard “There’s plenty of other fish in the sea!”? If your man meets five or more of the signs on this list, it’s time to stop fishing; you’ve caught a keeper!

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