10 Signs You Are Daddy’s Little Girl


Father’s Day has always been one of the most celebrated days in my life, mainly because I am the ultimate Daddy’s Girl. Growing up there was no way of separating me from my dad and at 27 much hasn’t change. There has always been something special about my daddy, whether its him listening to me rant and rave about everything as a teenager, to the kisses and hugs I got every single morning growing up or the fact that he always allowed me to be a kid and enjoy my life stress free, my dad has and continues to make my life great!

Of course, I love my mom and this is no way to discredit the hard work of a mother, but my dad reigns supreme, always. Call me corny, but I just think that there is a special bond between a dad and his daughter that can not be replaced.

Here are 10 signs that you might be daddy’s little girl:

1. I go to him for advice: sorry but my dad gives the best advance. It is always accompanied by a long story on life that I may not particularly love, but its worth it every time.

2. I Compare everyone to him: every single man I meet, whether we are dating or not are always sized up to my dad. True story, I broke up with a boyfriend because he couldn’t change a tire and my dad could.

3. We always take the same side: coming from a huge family, this annoyed everyone. No matter the topic I always chose my dad’s side and vice versa.

4. We Share the Same Sense of Humor: my dad gets my jokes. And oddly enough I get his jokes, as far left as they may be.

5. All my friends love him: want to be my friend, okay once dad approves. Seriously, my dad knows a true friend. He is able to tell me who will last and who wont and has always been spot on.

6. We love adventure: like father like daughter, whatever dad is trying that is fun and adventurous you are right behind him.

7. We share personal jokes, I love this about my dad. If we are out in public and he gives me a look I know the direction to look in and exactly what he’s thinking.

8. He is the first to know about your great ideas: buying a new car, moving, going back to school, dad is first to know everything.

9. We drink together: you know you are daddy’s little girl when you want to go out and have drinks with dad.

10. You know you are daddy’s little girl because he treats you way better than everyone else.

I love being a daddy’s girl and I would not change it for a thing. Happy Father’s Day to you amazing dads and all the other daddy’s girls out there.

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