10 Spring Styles To Try Now

Warmer weather and sprouting flowers are some of the reasons why spring is an amazing and delightful season. It is the best time to try different looks, add a few different pieces to your wardrobe and find your new favorite trends.


This spring will bring us many trends that can be found on the streets and all over Pinterest. Since it can be hard to weave through all the different trending styles, here is a list of the best of the best! Try these out and watch your style blossom this spring.

1. Midi Skirts

Midi Skirts are a romantic and ethereal style that is not only timeless, but also extremely flattering on many body types. Warmer months have us packing up our tights for another year, but chilly mornings still fill the springtime air– this skirt is just right for that weather. Hitting right below the knee, it is a work piece that can easily be transitioned to a cozy weekend look with a t-shirt and sneakers.

2. Tied Up Flats

These flats are the hottest look on Instagram. Blogger after blogger are lacing up these flats and snapping a cute picture in them while holding their coffee at their latest outing. Not only do the flats make a great staple on Insta, but they also make a statement for your outfits. Tired of the simple ballet flat as you’re walking to work? These tied-up slip-ons give a different texture to an outfit and they won’t leave your feet begging for a break. The best part about this trend–the price range. If you’re not ready to dive too far in, grab a more affordable pair in almost any store.

3. White Sneakers

There is something about the crispness of white that wakes your wardrobe up after a long, cold winter. Spring is the season for travel and getaways, so a pair of sneakers will always be handy. Now they can literally be styled with anything. The versatility makes investing in this item a win and will change up any boring outfit. They will also look amazing as the summer months roll in.

4. Reflective Lenses Sunglasses

This trend is reflecting looks from Hollywood’s hottest. From Dior to Ray Ban, all designers are getting in on this trend. Whether they are plain silver, bright colored or multi-toned, reflective glasses have crashed onto the scene in time for the sunniest seasons. In classic and unique shapes, reflective lenses are a hot trend that everyone should stop in a store and try on. An outfit is never complete without the perfect accessory; let these sunglasses change up your look.

5. Mixing Patterns

Spring is also a great time for experimenting and stepping out of the box. The best way to try is to select two patterns and create an outfit. It is hard to take a step into this trend if your style falls into the “matchy-matchy” category, but there are simple ways to start integrating this new look. Find two patterns that have a similar color scheme or use a monochrome pattern as your base and build from there. Before you know it, you’ll look like a J.Crew model.

6. Denim on Denim

Another trend that can be hard to take a big step into is denim on denim; it can be hard not to look like you just arrived from the 90’s and are looking for your fanny pack. But, the key to is trend is different shades of denim. Pairing a very dark pair of jeans with a light denim coat can make a perfect pair.

 7. Bare Shoulders

This look is great when you want to start showing a bit of skin for the warmth, but don’t want to bare it all. It is extremely flattering on many shapes and sizes, as well. This is a go-to date night look and will be a great way to add a flirty element to an outfit without dropping your neckline.

8. Statement Coat

When it comes to making a splash this spring, it’s all about the coat. Jaw dropping patterns, textures and colors will awaken all of your most basic basics. Throw it over your shoulders to look like a pro stylist or bundle up with one on those chilly mornings. These are a beautiful investment piece and can last you for years. So, ditch the plain trench and start your hunt for your statement.

9. Fun Patches

Patches are back and better than ever. Now found on bags, on coats, on just about anything really. Brands are creating looks with adorable patches, reminiscent of younger days. If you are ready to make a standout outfit this spring, find a look that involves patchwork.

10. Wide Leg Pants

This is a trend that is inspired from the retro 70’s influence currently filling stores. Full length or hitting right above the ankle, these pants are a fun way        to change up your style, this spring. Though sometimes a fun challenge to style for newcomers, once you find your favorite way to wear, they will be your new favorite piece.

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