10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kansas City

Kansas City boasts so many great things. We have some of the best barbecue, shopping and sports around.  There are some fun things I’m sure you never knew about Kansas City.


Check out the list below!

1. Micky Mouse originated in Kansas City. Walt Disney took drawing classes at the Kansas City Art Institute when he was a kid. And he opened his first animation studio in Kansas City.

2. Kansas City spans across two states, Missouri and Kansas.

3. Kansas City is home to over 200 fountains which gives the city the nickname “The City of Fountains.”

4. The famous author Ernest Hemingway, worked for the Kansas City star and developed his writing in KC.

5. Jazz music is very popular in Kansas City. Starting in the 1920’s jazz music and nightlife became iconic.

6. Garmin and Sprint both call Kansas City home.

7. The Country Club Plaza was the first automobile planned shopping area in KC. The plaza features fountains and artworks that were modeled after those found in the Spanish city of Seville.

8. There are more than 20 colleges and universities that call Kansas City home.

9. Hallmark was started in Kansas City when Joyce Hall began selling postcards out of a shoebox in 1910. Today, the company has grown to be the world’s largest greeting-cards maker.

10. The cost of living in Kansas City is lower than most locations in the U.S.


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