10 Things Only True KC Royals Fans Will Understand

by Sarah Scoop

For those who have sworn themselves to the best baseball team in the world, this list will be a review of all the things you know and love about your favorite blue and gold team. If you have yet to be sucked into the reigning world of Royals, consider this your Welcome Home guide.

Warning: after reading you may have the desire to burn merchandise from all other teams.

Using the terms ‘Forever Royal’ or ‘Raised Royal’ in a totally un-monarch related way

KC natives may be some of the only people claiming to be Royal from birth, who won’t ever see the inside of Buckingham Palace. But, royalty is a state of mind, particularly when the baseball team associated with it often rules the field.

9th Inning Persistence

Not only do Royals fans understand the truly beautiful pain of waiting 29 years for a World Series showing, but 30 for a win! Thanks to games like the 2014 Wild Card showing, this patience also applies throughout the season, where Royals fans can expect to wait until the very last innings for a nail-biting miracle run by Alex Gordon or Lorenzo Cain.

Mooooooose is an anthem, not an animal

For many who bleed blue and gold, a moose is no longer an antlered forest creature, but Mike Moustakas, the Royals third baseman with a flair for game-winning hits. Only true Royals fans know the energy in the air when a Moooooose chant flows through Kauffman Stadium.

Lorde’s ‘Royals’ was inspired by our team

One of the biggest pop alternative hits of 2013, was inspired by a photo of legacy Royals player George Brett! Nobody holds on to this fact like Royals fans, nor plays it as often on the airwaves as it was played during the Royals post-season run in 2014. You couldn’t change radio stations, without running into Lorde’s signature hit for weeks during Blue October in Kansas City.

We’re all a little Hot for Hos

One thing all Royals fans–men, women or children can understand is the undeniable charm possessed by first basemen Eric Hosmer. Not only is Hosmer easy on the eyes, but he can often be seen in the KC Power and Light District mingling with fans. He’s popular for good reason too, in 2016 he was the MLB All-Star Game MVP. But if you were a real Royals fan, you already knew that.

Being Straight Outta Kauffman

On the heels of the 1988 N.W.A. album and 2015 film, KC fans embraced the Straight Outta Compton mantra and made it their own. It gave fans the chance to show their KC street cred, pay homage to a truly badass stadium and buy a ton of new merch for their Royals collection.

How Epic Salvy Splashes Are

One of the best moments for Royals fans happens after the game has finished. It’s the catcher Salvador Perez’s Gatorade splash given to the player of the game immediately following a win. It’s always hilarious, unexpected and delivered with a rousing smile from Salvy. We’ll take a cold Gatorade splash from our favorite catcher any day of the week.

Nothing will ever replace the 2015 World Series Victory Parade 

Nobody knows quite how to celebrate like KC. When the Royals won the 2015 World Series fans flocked from all parts of the country, of the world to commiserate. Schools cancelled school, roads shut down and thousands raised

flags and fists for their favorite men in blue. After a 30 year drought, and just a year after taking second best in the World Series, this party was well deserved and well represented by the Royals fandom.

You don’t have to be from Kansas City to be a Royals fan

Some of the most devoted Royals fans don’t call the 816 home. That World Series parade held fans from all over the globe. Each time the Royals show up in postseason they garner tons of support–because everyone loves an underdog, especially when they start reaping their rewards.

Being a royals fan is a lifestyle

Royals fans don’t merely call themselves fans, they live it. They show up to parades in record numbers, they brand their own catchphrases and post-game traditions. They wait, watch and wonder for 30 years and never give up on their Royal team. Because Royals fans know you don’t have to be crowned to be Royal, you just have to wear the title proudly.

What other superstitions and trademarks are signatures of Royals fans? Leave your ideas in the comments below and support the Royals this summer! 

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