10 Things to Try Next Time You’re Bored


Nobody enjoys feeling like there’s nothing to do. Instead of scrolling through your apps’  timelines next time you’re bored, try one of these 10 activities instead!

  1. Go for a long walk

When mindless channel surfing won’t cure your boredom, a walk might just do the trick: a long stroll can clear your mind of clutter an relieve daily stress. Try to take a route you’ve never walked before and appreciate your surroundings.

  1. Organize something

Be it a closet or a desk, boredom is just the excuse you need to clear out and downsize your growing collection of clothes or other items. Put some music on in the background and finally tackle reorganizing the space you’ve been putting off since last year’s spring cleaning.

  1. Coloring/ Drawing

Maybe it seems strange to think about as we get older, but coloring and drawing are just as fun now as they were when we were kids. Get out the crayons, markers, colored pencils—whatever—and color your boredom away! Check out this link for awesome “adult” coloring pages with beautifully detailed patterns to keep you entertained for hours.

  1. Try a new recipe

Whether you browse Pinterest for the best chocolate chip cookie brownie recipe or try to create one of your own, free time to cook is a great way to expand your taste buds and experiment with a new food you’ve never tried before.

  1. Re-watch your favorite movie/ reread your old favorite book

Pop in your favorite children’s movie or reread a childhood classic and let the nostalgia set in.

  1. Find a video tutorial and try to make the item

From homemade glow jars to desk organizers, Youtube has a DIY for everything. Spend some time watching videos and try to make your favorite item. Here’s a few to get you started: this one and this one.

  1. Browse exercise videos on YouTube

Use your boredom as an excuse to get up and get moving! You can search for Zumba videos and dance to your favorite song of the moment or for toning videos. One of my favorite videos to quickly tone your thighs is the Call Me Maybe squat challenge.

  1. Browse your local bookstore

Anyone can get lost for hours at a bookstore browsing titles. Search through genres you don’t normally read and pick out a book you think you’d like.

  1. Hand write a letter to a distant friend or family member

Just like professionals recommend writing a hand-written thank you note rather than an email after an interview, the same rules apply to staying in touch with old friends and family: a hand written letter says more than a text message or email.

  1. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are an awesome way to keep yourself entertained while getting school work done. One of my favorite podcast websites is This American Life.

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