10 Things We Love About Colton Haynes


It’s hard not to fall in love with Colton Haynes; actually, it may even be impossible! Here at SarahScoop, we’re obsessed with Colton and everything he does. So, we’ve compiled a list of ten things (in no particular order) that we absolutely love about him. But trust us–the list could actually go on forever.

1. His style. Colton has an amazing fashion sense. No matter where he goes or what he does he always seems to look great doing it. Whether he is wearing a Hugo Boss suit or jeans and a shirt, he’s always rocking it in the fashion department.

2. He’s really attractive. Look at him. His jaw line, his smile, his eyes, his hair, his body, his everything. His chromosomes have clearly combined beautifully. He’s almost too perfect to even look at! (But go on, keep looking!)

3. He’s normal. Colton doesn’t seem like a typical Hollywood star. Many celebrities are labeled as being stuck-up, egotistical, and demanding. Colton, though, is none of these things. He’s just like you and me. He doesn’t let his fame or status get to his head.

4. He’s a great actor. Colton is a phenomenal actor. Even when he’s playing the bad guy that you’re supposed to hate, you just can’t help but be so drawn to him. He has done a great job with every role he’s had and we can’t wait to see him in future projects!

5. He’s super sweet! Although he may play the villain on television, in real life Colton doesn’t have one bad or mean bone in his body. Seriously, he’s the sweetest guy ever!

6. He has awesome music taste. Colton makes it pretty clear that some of his favorite musicians are Adele and Ed Sheeren. They’re both amazing artists that we also love! We’d love to go through his iPod; judging from his taste in music, we’re sure it’s full of great tunes.

7. He’s hysterical. Whenever given the chance, Colton will make a joke about something or someone. He has such a great sense of humor and he’s always laughing. Plus he loves playing pranks on his friends, especially on the set of “Teen Wolf.” But, most importantly, he’s able to laugh and make fun of himself.

8. He never gives up. “Teen Wolf” isn’t the only TV show Colton’s been on and even though some of his other projects didn’t make it or last, he never gave up. He’s always pushing to do better and to achieve his goals, which sends a positive message to everyone. He even has a wall of positivity in his house to keep him optimistic and motivated!

9. He loves social media. Colton is always tweeting what he’s doing and posting pictures on instagram. It’s a great way for him to interact with his fans and for his fans to interact with him. Social media plays a huge role in fan interaction, so it’s awesome that he loves to use it and talk to his fans just as much as they do.

10. He loves his fans. Colton truly loves his fans just as much as they love him. He’s always talking to them and reading what they have to say. He takes time out of his busy schedule to interact with them, talk to them, and meet them. We’re convinced that he’d do anything for his fans, which is what makes him so special.

Honestly, what’s not to love about Colton Haynes? He’s cute, sweet, funny, talented, and a genuinely nice guy. Catch him on “Teen Wolf” as Jackson Whittmore Monday nights at 10 p.m. EST on MTV or send him a tweet @ColtonLHaynes!

What’s your favorite thing about Colton Haynes? Let us know in the comments below! (Isn’t it super difficult to choose just one?!)

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  1. Pedrooo says

    uuuuhhhh, everything!

  2. lissangy says

    He really is wonderful! I wish he would be given more opportunities to showcase his talents. I love TeenWolf ! But I think that he can take his skills (and face) all the way to Hollywood. I would LOVE to see him on the big screen. I think the ladies would love that as well tbh ;D great article.

  3. Jessica says

    He doesn’t let fame get to him like a lot of celebrities

  4. Maria says

    Colton Haynes is super sweet always tweeting his fans back on twitter and making us all feel like we know him personally:)

  5. Beth says

    The first thing that catches your eye about Colton is his super good looks; I mean come on those baby blues, swoon! Then when you see him act your like, wow this guy is a really awesome actor. Seriously, he gets so in to his character it’s magnetic, you just want to keep your eyes on him when he’s on the screen. After you’ve assesed that A. He’s gorgeous and B. He’s a talanted actor, you stay a Colton Haynes fan for his personaliy! He seems like he is passionate at what he does and yet he is humble and down to earth. All in all, he is pretty close to perfection!!! I love Colton he is awesome in so many levels. Love ya Colton <3

  6. Pajax says

    You know what they say. Beauty comes from within. I mean, if Colton looked the way he does but other than that was an arrogant idiot… Would you still like him? What I personally like about him is that he got where he is now by believing in himself and fighting for what he wants.

    1. Victoria says

      I don’t know if I would still like him. He would still be extremely cute, but a real girl attraction in a guy is a sweet personality. Which is what makes Colton so special because so many celebrities let fame go to their heads and become stuck up jerks who could care less about anyone but them

  7. Angelique says

    Colton Haynes is an amazing actor,and an all around sweetheart. I’m 100% he will go far in his career and I can’t wait to see him in future projects. I <3 U Colton!!

  8. Grace says

    I love him, he is adorable and seems really sweet 🙂

  9. Victoria says

    I have always loved Colton Haynes. It is a well known fact that you cannot hate him. Hes really cute, funny and will respect his fans. We love you Colton

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