10 Things We Love About Dylan O’Brien

In honor of his 21st birthday (Aug 26) we decided we had to make a post about the top ten things we love about “Teen Wolf” cutie Dylan O’Brien. Coming up with only ten things was extremely difficult; what isn’t there to love about this kid?

1. His laugh. It’s impossible not to smile when you hear Dylan O’Brien laugh. Trust us, we’ve tried. His laughter is so contagious and adorable. He’s always laughing on and off screen and it’s something we can never get enough of.

2. His YouTube. Before Dylan was on “Teen Wolf” playing everyone’s favorite sidekick, Stiles, he was making videos on his personal YouTube. He made skits with his friends, made fake music videos and even asked a girl out to prom through his videos. His channel (moviekidd826) is still up and it’s getting more hits now than ever!

3. His talent. There is no denying that Dylan is extremely talented. He’s made us all laugh and cry in practically every single “Teen Wolf” episode. How many actors do you know that can make you go from hysterically laughing one second to sobbing the next? He is able to take on any scene and role and do it phenomenally. It’s clear that he was born to do this. We can’t wait to see him in future projects; we’re sure there are going to be many of them! Plus, have you seen his dance moves? They’re pretty much the greatest and you can check them out in this video.

4. His love for Selena Gomez. Just like us, Dylan loves Selena Gomez. He’s mentioned it in plenty of interviews and we think it’s adorable. Selena even tweeted last year that she spent all day on her tour bus watching “Teen Wolf” and that she was a big fan! We freaked out when the two of them finally met at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards.

5. He’s in a band. Dylan is not only an amazing actor, but he’s a great musician too! He currently plays drums in a band with his friends called Slow Kids At Play. They’re actually really good, so make sure you give them a listen and ‘like’ them on Facebook!

6. His loyalty and friendship. Whenever Dylan gets asked what similarities he has with his character, Stiles, he seems to always respond with “loyalty.” Both Stiles and Dylan are extremely loyal to their friends and would do anything for them. We love how close the cast of “Teen Wolf” is with one-another. We especially love the bromance between Dylan O’Brien and Tyler Posey. The two are best friends and have great chemistry both on and off screen. When you’re put in the same room as the two of them, you’ll be doubled over laughing for hours–trust us! Dylan is so friendly and accepting of others that he easily makes everyone feel like their his friend.

7. His tweets. Even though Dylan seems to be quite terrible at Twitter, we still love him and his tweets. He does try to read all of the tweets and messages he gets from his fans, though! They aren’t frequent, but when he tweets they’re always super funny and cute. We especially love his fascination with hashtags. He usually uses them in every tweet and they’re usually super long, making them that much greater. #Dylanthisiswhyweloveyou #PSyouneedmoretwitterlessons

8. He’s super cute. Look at him. Look how cute he is! How could you not fall in love with him? But he’s not only cute in looks; he’s cute in everything he does. He’s cute with his friends, his fans, his family and everything in-between. He’s got our vote for cutest person in the entire world.

9. His love for baseball. Dylan loves baseball and is a diehard New York Mets fan. He’s admitted time and time again that he is a nerd when it comes to baseball. In his spare time he updates his fantasy baseball team and checks up on the latest Mets stats. We love how much he loves baseball!

10. His love for his fans. It’s extremely obvious that Dylan loves his fans. He’s always taking time to meet them, tweet them, message them and follow them on Twitter. His fans are so passionate about him and he feels the same way. He loves calling them his “cutie fans,” which makes us all swoon every single time.

We’re clearly obsessed with Dylan O’Brien and everything he does. He’s currently working on a new film called “The Internship” before he gets started again on season three of “Teen Wolf.” We’re so proud of him and excited to see his future projects.

Make sure to send him a special tweet @dylanobrien!

What do you love most about Dylan O’Brien? Let us know in the comments below! (It’s hard to pick just one, right? Don’t worry–you can tell us as many things you love about him as you want!)

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    • brittany
    • August 26, 2012

    i think i love EVERYTHING about him he is so freaken cute! hes so funny!

    • michelle
    • December 16, 2015

    i love everything about him but i’ll choose the fact that someone can be loyal on and off screen its very cute and amazing just like him.

  1. Reply

    I think he is cute and a great actor he is like the best actor I have ever seen…. 😍😍

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