10 Times Zendaya Invented the Color Red

by Kelly Ann McGuinness
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Zendaya is one of Hollywood’s hottest celebrities. From starring and dancing in the Disney Channel show Shake it Up! to Dancing With the Stars, roles in hit films such as Spiderman Homecoming and Spiderman: Far from Home and singing with Zac Efron in The Greatest Showman, she’s everywhere! Most recently Zendaya played the leading role on HBO Max’s Euphoria that had the entire internet talking and doing glitter makeup looks.

Besides being an amazing and accomplished actor, Zendaya is also a style icon. She has worn many outfits with many different patterns and colors, but none stand out quite as much as her red outfits do. While Zendaya did not literally invent the color red she does wear the color like no one else. Is it possible that the color was invented for her? Who’s to say, but either way these next 10 Zendaya looks to make it seem as if she invented the color red:

1. The Paper Magazine Extreme Issue

This is art. The red, on red, on red, on red, on red! This look has so many details, between the red bob, the nails, the shoes/sock combo, the background, the pose, and of course the dress this look belongs in the MOMA.

2. The Elle Tulle Outfit

Tulle is back baby because Zendaya said so. This shot for Elle Magazine is a vision of ruffles and tulle. This shot for Elle is simpler than the Paper magazine shot, but still manages to bring in a level of drama, but make it fashion.

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3. The Rose and Mirror Jumpsuit

I remember scrolling through Instagram and gasping when I saw this post, then immediately sharing it to my Instagram story. This look posted in December of 2019 was a gift from Zendaya to us. The mesh top, connected to the powerful pants, combined with the rose petals and mirrors…we are not worthy.

4. The Sequined Pantsuit

I love a pantsuit, I love a gradient pattern, and I love sequins. However, I never thought the three could work as one. I stand corrected thanks to Zendaya. Zendaya looks straight-up powerful in this outfit.

5. Her 2016 Golden Globe’s Dress

She is giving us class, elegance, drama, and pure radiance in this gown. She slayed the award show with this tiered red gown with a plunging neckline, paired with long dangling earrings and statement rings. The Golden Globe was not ready for her, I was not ready for her.

6. The Maroon Dress and Jacket

Zendaya coming in with the maroon. This oversized jacket compliments her tighter fit dress, all in a the monochromatic maroon magnificence.

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I like to base my outfits off my hair color

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7. The Essence Polka Dot Outfit

Another maroon moment, this time with polka dots and pants elegance. This is on the simpler end of her looks and it still works magnificently, proving that Zendaya can do it all.

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@essencemag @luxurylaw @hair4kicks

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8. The Bright Red Fit with a Matching Lip

This head-to-toe bright red outfit would not be complete without a bright red lip. This shade of red makes a statement, never would I have thought it could work as a whole outfit and makeup look, and yet again Zendaya has proven me wrong.

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Law being shady as usual♥️

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9. The Tracksuit but make it detective

I love this outfit because this, to me, is Zendaya. Zendaya, based on her social media and interviews, is very funny and goofy. This look captures her essence and still looks completely flawless.

10. The Moto Jacket and Skirt Combo

Last but certainly not least is this Moto Jacket and Skirt combo. The two slightly off shades of red work well together and provide a different take on an all-red outfit with different shades and textures.

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Zendaya has and continues to be one of the greatest people to exist. From style icon to singer to actor to producer to inventor of the color red to an all-around amazing human being, Zendaya really can do it all.

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