11 Best Places to Celebrate A Bachelorette Party in Kansas City

by Ciara Pate

Bachelorette parties are designed to be some of the funnest parties you and your gal pals will attend but that doesn’t mean they can’t be a bit stressful to plan! I have encountered that stress firsthand and do not want anyone else to ride that emotional rollercoaster. A lot of bride tribes might enjoy staying local, saving funds or keeping it simple by staying in Kansas City.

However, staying in Kansas City and still having an ideal, dreamy bachelorette party seems hard to most. That is where I come in! I am here to provide some ideas and help make sure you can plan the ultimate bach party evening for your bridal squad.

Here are 11 ideas to help you and the entourage have the most rockin’ night!

1. Funky Town

If you’re into gettin’ groovy and funky on the dance floor, Funky Town is the place for you. Get your girls and dress up in your best hippie garb, hop on a party bus and won’t you take me to Funky Town? They have great drink deals, 70s-era disco music & newer pop music. It’s fun for the whole gang. Also, it’s 21 years of age and up so you don’t have to worry about any youngsters ruining your night! (website)

2. Pedal Hopper Kansas City

Grab all your girls and rent a pedal car that can take you around Kansas City for your own personalized pub crawl! Pick your route, pick your bars and pick your speed! Increase the fun and wear costumes or crazy outfits. Create your own music playlist so you and your gals can jam to the tunes of your choice while you pedal around the Crossroads or Brookside. I have participated in a bachelorette party that has done this and it was a wild ride (literally). (website)

3. Barley Bus Tours

Are you and your friends supposed beer connoisseurs? Then you should definitely hop on a Barley Bus tour! These tours can take you to breweries, distilleries and/or wineries around Kansas City. Your tour extravaganza will include behind the scenes tours that include light snacks and water so you and your gals can booze while staying hydrated… don’t want your bride getting too crazy! (website)

4. Pole Worx

Perhaps your group wants a little bit of a workout before hitting the town? Then you guys should try a Pole Worx class! Fun instructors, hype music and the chance to learn chair dancing… sounds like the perfect party addition! Pole Worx will teach you and your girls a few pole moves while having a blast. What are you waiting for? Get to “poling!” (website)

5. Ernie Biggs Dueling Piano Bar

Crank up your bachelorette party with a trip to the Chicago-style piano bar. Infuse your night with talented piano players who will play songs by request. Perhaps tell them it is a bachelorette party and you may be in for an extra special treat… 😉 I mean, who doesn’t like sitting on a piano with the whole bar looking at you?! (website)

6. Wine Tasting

Surprisingly, Kansas City is chalk full of wineries! Your Bachelorette Party day could be filled with touring several wineries. Some Grade-A wineries to add to the list are Amigoni Urban Winery, KC Wineworks, Belvoir Winery and Inn and Vox Vineyards. To make this day even more fun get your group some “Bride Tribe” hats or matching t-shirts… you can never go wrong with those!

7. OffKey Karaoke Lounge

Are you and your squad secretly amazing singers or centerstage performers? At OffKey Karaoke lounge you can rent a suite for you and your friends to get your karaoke on! You will have a private suite to sing any song you like (check the website to see if the have all the Bach Party songs). If you don’t want a suite you can still have a blast in the main bar singing karaoke wherever you stand; no stage, no problem! Dress up in costumes or dress like your future performer self – the night is sure to be a hit. (website)

8. Blanc Palette

Not really feeling the bar hopping and wild nightlife for your bride’s special evening? Blanc Palette is your go to bachelorette party spot! Blanc Palette prides themselves in being a paint and sip studio. Bring in drinks of your choice (!) while an instructor directs you through creating a painted masterpiece. Who doesn’t love letting their creative vibes flow while letting a little wine flow as well?! (website)

9. Spa Day

Who doesn’t LOVE being pampered? Before hitting the ever so popular Power and Light District for your raging Bachelorette night, relax and invigorate at the Spa on Penn in Westport. You can relax with a selection of facials, massages or just steam away in their sauna. Find your peace and tranquility before your wild night… your body will thank you the next day! (website)

10. A Cozy Night In

Kansas City is chalk full of cute, cozy AirBnbs and boutique hotels. A night of fun, naughty (if you choose) games, booze, decorations and your best gal pals is a great way to celebrate one of the bride’s last night’s of being a singleton! If you need some decor ideas head on over to Pinterest and Etsy. To check out boutique hotels, Expedia has a great list! I have attended a bachelorette party that included an “in-house” party with games, snacks, booze and decor and everyone had a blast!

11. Power And Light

We have arrived at the show stopper of the evening. Once you and your pals have eaten your way through town, hopefully opened some great gifts and dressed in your best outfits, you are ready to hit the town! What better place to go than Kansas City’s Power and Light? Once you’re inside there are numerous bars to cater to your group’s taste. Whether you like country, sharks and sand or a more club vibe, they’ve got it all. Reserve a table and get bottles with sparklers hand delivered to your table! You and your girls will be in for a treat no matter which bar you choose. Make sure you dress for the occasion and are ready to dance! (website)

Hopefully this list provided some ideas or sparked some creative thought! I will note: most of these events do not take all day so you may need to include lunch, dinner, drinks, what have you. I’m sure that whatever you choose, your bride will be thrilled! There are a ton of great eats around town. Kansas City is a great place for a bachelorette party. The bride is also lucky to have such a caring Maid of Honor going through all this trouble of researching to plan the perfect party 😉

Good luck to you all! Happy Bach Partying!

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