14 Signs You Really Are a True Wino

Have you noticed yourself drinking excessive amounts of wine? Have friends told you that you’re obsessed with wine? Well, you might be a wino. If you are not sure, check out this list below to see if you can relate!

1. Wednesdays have become your favorite day of the week. Hello Wine-Wednesday!

2. You get more excited when you see cute wine bottle/glass accessories than when you see a cute top

3. You embrace the purple lips you get while drinking a glass (or two) of your favorite bottle of red

4. For Holidays and Birthdays wine is your go-to gift to give and your favorite to  get

5. You have decided that you can never have enough wine glasses, so you continue to add to your collection even when you have nowhere to put them

6. Every weekend you debate going out or sitting on your couch with a glass of wine and binge watching Netflix

7. You find a way to pair wine with any meal, even if it doesn’t go

8. Your answer to everything is a glass of wine

9. Every time you travel, your drink tickets will solely be used on wine

10. You rejoice every time you see a screw top bottle

11. You believe the glass is always better half full

12. You firmly believe in the saying “ Drinking a glass a day will keep the doctor away”

13.When someone asks you your wine prefrences and you don’t know how to respond because, you will drink them all

14. You’ve decided you can’t live without wine, and you’re perfectly fine with that

If you now consider yourself a wino, don’t worry you are not alone! Go out and keep enjoying the fine wine life has to offer and remember just take life one sip at a time!

Here are some fun gifts for the winos in your life. 😉

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