15 Reasons Why You Are Better Without Him


Take a moment, step back and realize he’s not the one. Trust us ladies you are so much better without him.  Here are 15 reasons why.

He takes you away from your social life-You should never feel as if you have to choose between having friends and a boyfriend. If he doesn’t let you hang with the girls, he’s gotta go.

He puts his boys first- Again, balance is a must. If he pays more attention to his boy then you, it’s a problem.

He’s not public (Social networks)- He refuses to set a relationship status or post photos of you on his social networks. When questioned, he insists that you are sweating a petty situation or says “Do you really think instagram defines our relationship?” It’s possible he is trying to portray himself as a single man.

He fails to follow through on plans- He says that he cares about you. However, he fails to make you a priority. Hmm… actions speak louder than word. Don’t you agree?

He is clingy- When you are away he wants to speak to you constantly! No one likes a tick. How can you enjoy yourself if you are always on the phone?

He makes accusations- He is extremely insecure! He makes hurtful accusations that simply leave you offended.

He kisses and tells.- He uses excessive PDA. You are only his trophy girl and both he and his friends lack respect for you.

He will go the whole day without speaking to you- He does not take the initiative to speak to you.

He doesn’t adapt to your life- He does not respect your lifestyle. He simply wants to incorporate you into his life. He does not take into consideration your morals or dreams.

He lacks ambition- Don’t be the girl he settles for the scrub! You will find yourself trying to encourage him rather than pursuing your own dreams. He will only hold you back

He doesn’t bother putting himself together for you- Let’s be honest! If he doesn’t bother showering before hanging out with you or even wearing a different shirt than the one he wore the day before, he doesn’t care. He is putting minimal effort into holding your attention.

He doesn’t take you out- If he doesn’t take you out, however he is alway down to “Netflix and chill,” your relationship is never leaving his home. It is time to give him up.

He flirts with your friends- Yes, some guys are naturally flirty. However, there is an appropriate distance between your friends and your boyfriend.

He goes through your phone- He doesn’t trust you if he feels the need to check your phone. If he doesn’t trust you or respect your privacy, your relationship is not healthy!

Know yourself- This one is on you ladies! If you don’t know yourself as an individual, maybe you are better off without him. That is until you learn yourself of course!


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