20 Beauty Tips Everyone Should Know

Beauty tips are always easy to find. Finding the right beauty tips though are another story.

Here are 20 beauty tips that I have tried myself and can work for almost anyone!


Always Put Bronzer on Your Jawline and Neck
Bronzer is an essential part of any put-together makeup routine! It’s great for defining your cheek bones. Thing is though, we sometimes forget that there are other parts that need some of that bronzer love. Besides just other places like your forehead of around the lining of your nose, the neck and jawline need some of that bronzer love too! By putting a little bit of bronzer around your jawline and on your neck, it not only helps make your look more natural by blending together your makeup skin tone, but it also gives you more of an overall glow! 

It’s sometimes difficult to embrace natural hair, especially when you like to style it. Styling it is okay if you use minimal heat and product, but if you are like me circa 2010, you might be using too much heat. I would straighten my hair every single day, and all it did was fry my hair. My hair was unhealthy, wouldn’t grow, and looked incredibly thin. If you want to grow out your hair, more likely than not, you will have to stop using so much heat. Plus, your natural hair probably isn’t bad at all; you just might have convinced yourself it is.

Get a Facial Every Once and Awhile (Even if You Do It Yourself)

Getting a facial every so often is really, really good for you! No… Seriously. It might seem like something people do as a luxury or for unnecessary reasons, but that’s just not true. Having a facial done makes your skin more smooth and helps give you a natural glow. If you have acne or acne scars, you will notice a big difference just by getting a facial! There are even ways you can give yourself a facial by buying facial packs from almost anywhere. If you are more into the idea of doing a natural facial, there are plenty of recipes online for you to use. Find the right path for you and get to pampering yourself!

Whitening your teeth can give anyone instant confidence. Unfortunately, teeth whitening can be expensive when getting it done professionally. Though getting it professionally done is the best route and can be more lasting, there are still ways to whiten teeth just at home! If you have a date the next day or are going to be taking pictures, this is a way to whiten your teeth just a bit: Mix together two teaspoons of lemon juice with three teaspoons of baking soda. Put the mixture onto your teeth using a Q-tip. Keep it on for at least thirty seconds, but it’s also okay to leave it on for a little longer. Your teeth should instantly look whiter!

Wax Your Eyebrows for Confidence Sake

Getting your eyebrows done can dramatically change your look! If you are ever feeling like you need a change, have your eyebrows professionally done. I personally shell out a bit more money and go to a waxing specific salon because they tend to use better methods that hurt less. I mean, let’s be real. Who wants to pay for getting their hair ripped off their face? But, trust me. It helps so much! Getting it done at certain nail salons can be fine too. If you trust yourself to do at home waxing, go for it! I have done it myself, but only clean up. I would always recommend letting a professional shape them.

Get Smoother Nail Polish

If you are like me, you are a nail polish hoarder! I will go into my cabinet, find a color I like, and find out that it’s not as smooth as it was before. Chunky nail polish usually equals not a great look once the nail polish dries on your fingernails. A way to try and smooth out nail polish is by putting it in the freezer for fifteen minutes. I don’t know the science behind it, I just know that when I put my older black nail polish in the freezer and then put it on my nails, it was so much easier to put on! So, try it and see if it works for you!

Use a Comb Just as Often as You Use a Brush

Breakage by using hair brushes is something that is extremely common! Using a brush to get out tangles might be easier, but it’s not healthy for your hair. It can cause not just breakage, but tear out knots versus remove knots. If you ever have a bunch of knots in your hair after you wake up or after you shower, use a comb instead of a hair brush! It might take more time, but the result in the end is a lot better for your hair. You don’t want to rip out the knots, but rather work them out and smooth out knots to go back to fitting in with the rest of your hair!

White Eyeliner Will Make Your Eyes Shine

I used to wear really dark eyeliner on the lower part of my eyes. What would happen is that my eyes would look really small afterwards. That’s not the point of eyeliner! Eyeliner is supposed to make your eyes pop! One trick that I’ve been using for years is using white eye liner on the lower part in order to make my eyes appear larger. When I first tried it, I was hesitant. Then once it was on, I was so surprised! My eyes looked larger than life! It’s one of my favorite beauty tricks and one I will use for years!

Use Night Cream All the Time

Using a night cream on a daily basis can help firm up your skin and make your skin look smoother. Don’t be fooled by the words “anti-aging” either! Anti-aging just means solidifying and setting. It solidifies your face so it doesn’t look as loose and it keeps it firm in order to give an overall tightened look. It takes two seconds to put on before bed and then you just wash it off the next morning when you wake up! Just make sure to find the product that works best for you. Before you know it, your face will look naturally strong!

Use Concealer Keep Lipstick Off of Your Teeth

There are a few ways to make sure your lipstick never gets on your teeth. One of the ways is to put a concealer on your lips before you apply lipstick! This will help in two different ways. First, it will help your lipstick actually stick to your lips (which is the whole point of lipstick). Second, doing this will make sure the color of the lipstick does not magically disappear when you blot your lipstick after it is applied.  It’s a sure way of keeping the lipstick off your teeth and on your lips!

Use Makeup Setting Spray

Do you ever have that problem where you spend the time to put on your makeup, look great right afterwards, but then two hours later when you look in the mirror… you notice that it’s just not where it was earlier? That happens to all of us all the time it feels like! That’s why a setting spray is so important. Sweat and life can appear out of nowhere! Why put in all that work and effort if it’s not going to last all day anyway? So, having a setting spray can be a life changing product for any woman on the go!

Manicures are Better than Acrylics

Getting a pedicure or a manicure every so often can be great for you. More than just the nail polish part, the actually working of the cuticles and the cleaning part is what is so helpful to beautiful nails. When it comes to acrylics though, it’s pretty to look at, but once you take acrylics off, your nails are super flimsy. Having acrylics not only damages your nails and cuticles, but it’s expensive and a commitment. Because if you ever decide to stop acrylics, it will take some time to get your nails back to normal. So, skip the acrylics and go for the manicure instead!

“No Poo” Doesn’t Always Work for the Most Part

The fad of the “no poo” is apparently here to stay. Using shampoo has become a bad thing, but in reality… it’s a good thing. Shampoo helps protect your hair from breakage and cleans your hair! That’s the big word right there: clean. So yeah, maybe using no shampoo seems more natural, but it doesn’t do anything better. And in some cases, it makes your hair even frailer. When it comes to shampoo, don’t do the rinse and repeat thing. Instead, just use a bit of shampoo one time while showering. Skip the “no poo” fad and focus on your healthy, beautiful hair!

Less Is More When It Comes to Your Eyeshadow

Wearing dark eyeshadow colors can be glamorous, but unless you have the right complexion, it can come off as too heavy. Nothing is worse than having the look of droopy eyes. And when you are having pictures taken, dark eyeshadow can take over the show. For me personally, I used to wear really dark brown eyeshadow. Then when I looked at myself in pictures, I noticed it was just way too heavy. So, I switched out my dark brown eyeshadow for a light gray. It took some getting used to, but it brought out my eyes more whereas the darker color covered my eyes up. Don’t be afraid to let the beauty of your eyes speak for themselves!

Beauty Sleep is Important

Getting eight hours of sleep is just as important for your skin as it is for your health. Sleeping for long enough each night gives your skin a chance to rejuvenate! Furthermore, sleeping eight hours a night can give you a natural glow that no skin product can provide. Lastly, the more obvious reason to sleep more, is that lack of sleep can read very clearly on your face. You know what I’m talking about: dark circles under your eyes! There are plenty of ways to cover up these circles (check below!), but the only way to get rid of the circles is to sleep more! Common sense, right?

Switch Your Toothbrush for a Mechanical One

Using a mechanical tooth brush is probably something your dentist has brought up to you time and time again. Your dentist knows using a mechanical tooth brush is good for dental health. But, did you know that using one can also make your teeth sparkle more? I mean, it’s common sense. But it’s hard to focus on when advertisers only highlight the health benefits and not the cosmetic! Cleaner teeth results in a better smile. Knowing you have a better smile results in more confidence! So get that toothbrush and flaunt your happiness for everyone to see!

Find the Right Mirror

The mirror at my gym makes me look so much bigger than I actually am. Whether this is a ploy to get me to keep coming back or just a cheap mirror, it doesn’t make me feel good about myself at all. That’s why when I bought my full length mirror, I picked one that showed me at my best! Because when you feel good, you look good! Don’t believe me? Do some research. There is real science behind this theory! If you feel good about yourself, you will look better and walk with confidence! Find the right mirror for you, one that makes your look your best!

Use Circle Post-It’s for French Manicures

If you want to give yourself a French manicure, it can be difficult to get all of the lines right. A tool that can help is the small circle post-it like sticky paper used for marking things on paper. Those fit perfectly on a nail and give you the line for you to paint the top part of your nails white! And since the adhesive is so mild, it won’t mess up the rest of your nails either!

Natural Way to Stop Frizzy Hair

Coconut oil is used for almost everything these days, especially for hair! One of the ways coconut oil helps hair is by preventing frizzy hair and smoothing out the ones that like to fly away from the top of your head. With summer quickly coming up, we will all be spending a lot more time outside and be needing a lot more help with keeping our hair together. Coconut oil will not mess up your hair like some products do with all the crazy chemical ingredients! Coconut oil will keep you hair tame for all of your summer adventures!

Cover Up Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

Covering up under eye bags can be difficult. It’s not just about using a skin tone colored product. There is a process behind it. It mostly depends on the color of the bags underneath your eyes. If your bags are more dark and blue, you need to use an orange like concealer to make your skin more natural. If your bags are more purple and lighter, use more of a yellow concealer. And if your bags are more of a combination of the two, use a combination of the orange and yellow. The whole point is to blend the color of the circles into the color of the rest of your skin. Try your best to get some more sleep, but if you can’t, use this process to cover your under eye circles!

Try all of these tips or just a few, whatever you might want. But, I promise you that these tips and tricks work and only bring out the beauty that is already you!

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