20 Great Things About Turning 20


Most college students go through a mini-mid-life crisis the day they turn 20.


(E.g.: Me crying into my cake last week.)

They’re a year older, but not old enough to (legally) do anything but pound virgin mimosas and jealously watch as older friends spill their real vodka tonics dancing on bars. Now, they can’t even use being a ‘crazy teenager’ as an excuse when they explain to the mimosa-covered, undercover police officer why they decided to throw caution to the wind and join their friends on the bar. That all does sound pretty terrible, but keep your twenty-year-old heads up! Here is some proof that ‘terrible twenty’ really won’t be so bad after all:

  1. People take you seriously now. Tacking on –teen to the end of your age can make employers, professors, and the silver-fox you’ve been eyeing at the gym put you in the “just a kid” category.
  2. You’re still one year away from becoming a real, official grown-up who’s responsible for bills, decision-making, and all of the other pressures that come with adulthood. Enjoy being 20 and carefree, while you still can.
  3. Creepy old men in bars will still see the band on your wrist and see you as young, innocent, and, possibly, a ticket to the Sex Offender Registry, so they’ll still leave you alone. Milk that wristband as long as you can: “Can I buy you a drink, Sugarpie?” “I’M FIFTEEN!” *Hold up your wrist and run away, crying if possible.*
  4. No, you’re not technically a teenager anymore, but your friends will still see you as the same vibrant, full-of-energy young person you were yesterday.
  5. You have an entire decade before you have to go through your 30-year-old, real mid-life crisis.
  6. If you’ve seen Friends, the sitcom that originally glorified “20-something” as the best years of your life, you know that you have lots of laughs, love, awkward moments, and fun yet to come in the decade ahead of you.
  7. Speaking of Friends, the famous sitcom also turned 20 this year. So did Forrest GumpThe Lion King, and Justin Bieber. You’re not alone in this.
  8. All birthdays = free stuff.
  9. Now that you’re out of your teens, Great Aunt Beverly will stop giving you unicorn-covered sweaters hand-knitted with love, and send cash and bonds instead.
  10. People who would normally throw a 10 dollar bill in your birthday card, will usually give you a 20, so they can be oh-so-clever with their “a 20 for the 20-year-old”. Ha. Ha.
  11. The idea of 21 (and imagining that amazing trip to Vegas that will probably never happen) is arguably cooler than actually turing 21.
  12. The morning after turning 20 involves much less aspirin, coffee, sadness, and vomit than the morning after 21 does.
  13. Your parents can go on blissfully pretending you’ve never done a keg-stand or had a sip of anything but milk for another year.
  14. No matter how old you are, birthdays are special.
  15. Everyone treats you like the queen of everything on your birthday (no matter how old you are).
  16. All of social media revolves around you on your birthday (no matter how old you are).
  17. Calories don’t count on your birthday (no matter how old you are).
  18. So, you can eat a whole cake, a tub of Blue Bunny, and 200 french fries, if you feel like it (Try to feel like it now. Next year, you’ll have to save room for daiquiris and double shots).
  19. That cake is a few inches bigger than last year to support the twentieth candle.
  20. You’re only two more years away from 22:

(Way cooler than the depressing, adolescent nightmare that was Fifteen) 

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    • Macon
    • January 18, 2018

    I’ve been drinking since I was 16…?
    Besides, where I live the legal age to do so is 18, so your list don’t really help my journey. Jesus christ i’m turning 20 and won’t have a single thing to expect

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