20 Things For Women in Their 20s #EverydayGirlsGuides

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Being women in our twenties, Joyce from Women and their Pretties and I got to talking about all of the things that we love: travel, entertainment, and everything girly. We realized that our interests are not only similar to each other, but to other women in our age range. We decided to team up to for a guide that will reach the audience of average, everyday women. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things that you can add to your wish list.


1. Rowenta Hand Steamer


Meetings, dated, brunches, events, and parties. Women in their twenties are always on-the-go, which means they need to be stylish at all times. They don’t always have time to iron or take our clothes to the cleaners. They need something easy to use and sufficient. The X-Cel Hand Held Garment Steamer is the perfect tool to look great in no time. It’s great for gals that don’t have room for bulky irons and ironing boards in their apartments.

Get the details: www.amazon.com

2. CHI Euro Shine Styler & CHI Hair Products


Every woman in her 20’s needs good hair products. This is her time to shine! She’s finally exploring the world – starting a career, making new friends, going on dates. First impressions are everything. Her hair needs to be on point at all times. Plus, a girl with good hair is a girl with confidence and a confident woman makes for one heck of a first impression.

CHI is the top hair care brand among women in their 20s. The new Oynx Euro Shine Styler is high-tech and functional. It’s perfect for all hair types and especially convenient for travel! Every girl needs a flat iron gives her an easy, yet superb styling experience. To top off her look, she needs products from the CHI Line Extension, along with the CHI 44 Iron Guard and BioSilk Silk Therapy Lite.

Get the details: www.farouk.com/chi

3. Fridge Fresh By Berry Breeze

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 4.54.01 PM

We all know the disappointment in opening the refrigerator door and finding molded, rotten fruit. We are women in our twenties – we are busy! We often eat outside of the home, which means the fruit in our refrigerator sometimes gets neglected. That’s why the Fridge Fresh by Berry Breeze in perfect for women in their twenties. You just turn it on, pop it in your refrigerator, and you’re good to go! Your fruit and veggies will last longer and your appetite will never be disappointed.

Get the details: www.fridgefresh.com

4. Vera Wang Sunglasses


Every girl’s outfit can be finished off with a good pair of sunnies. Women in their twenties don’t want to wear just any old pair of sunglasses. They want something stylish, something cute, and something from a brand that is well known. We recommend the Vera Wang sunglasses for every 20-something-year-old. If you want the ultimate fashion accessory, then these are for you.

Get the details: www.Kohls.com

5. Amazon Fire Tablet


What’s a girl to do when she’s traveling without friends or family? She needs to stay connected… with style. TheAmazon Fire Tablet is the perfect device to keep girls in their 20s connected and entertained. She can download apps from Amazon Underground, read her favorite ebooks, and stay updated via social media. To top it all off, she can capture all of her favorite moments with the rear and front-facing cameras! It also comes in a variety of colors, keeping her tech just as stylish as her outfit. The tablet is thin and lightweight – perfect for sliding right into her purse!

Get the details: www.amazon.com

6. American Tourister Luggage iLite Max


It’s luggage for the ladies. American Tourister is a favorite among women who desire to travel in style. The iLite Max is fashionable, lightweight, and fun! It’s made to fit every little thing a young lady needs for her adventures. The best part? This is a 21″ spinner, so it fits within the carry-on size limit. Seriously, we are women on-the-go. We don’t have time to check bags and frankly, we’d much rather spend our money on something fun. The iLite Max comes in a variety of colors, so she can pick one that best matches her personality. The luggage is durable and comfortable to roll through an airport. The American Tourister iLite Max just might single-handedly be, the #1 luggage for women in their twenties.

Get the details: shop.americantourister.com

7. Bois Journal Set


Being young women, we have an excessive amount of ideas floating around in our eager little minds. Our careers are just beginning and a lot os happening. It’s important that we keep track of everything that’s going on. We are writers, dreamers, and entrepreneurs. We can’t let these incredible ideas go to waste. Every woman needs a cute set of journals to keep things in order. The Bois Journal Set is perfect. It contains 3 chic journals with modern angle design and an array of bright colors on a wood grain pattern.

Get the details: www.papyrusonline.com

8. Polaroid Snap


Capture your memories with a snap! The Polaroid Snap is the perfect camera for young women to capture their favorite memories in an instant. Snap a photo and it prints instantly! This is perfect for girls-on-the-go because they can snap photos with friends and share them in the moment. Plus, women in their 20s know that digital sin’t everything. Sometimes its nice to have actual photos to display around your home, keep in your wallet, or to give to family and friends. The Polaroid Snap is not only convenient, it’s stylish. With a sleek design and shape, you can fit the Polaroid Snap right into your tote bag to carry on all of your adventures. It also comes in a variety of fun colors!

Get the details: www.amazon.com

9. Cate & Chloe VIP Subscription Box


Style is everything. Sometimes all it takes is the right accessories to take your outfit from dull to darling! Cate & Chloe knows exactly what a girl wants. With the Cate & Chloe VIP subscription box, you can get trendy jewelry pieces delivered right to your front door each month. The jewelry isn’t only trendy, it’s hand picked specifically for you! You will take a style quiz before subscribing, so the pieces will be chosen to fit your personal style. The subscription box is more affordable than buying single pieces. It’s also more fun because you’re surprised each month! Let the style experts do the shopping for you.

Use coupon code: WAND20 for 20% off the Starter Package for 1st box (exp. 9/5)

Get the details: Join the Cate & Chloe VIP Program

10. Shoe Bakery Pink Sprinkle Tote Mini


Every woman in her 20s knows how great it feels to be complemented. Sometimes she’s wearing a really cute dress and everyone notices. Maybe she’s applied the hottest lipstick and every girl wants to add it to her collection. The Pink Sprinkle Tote Mini is just a compliment waiting to happen. Who doesn’t love the look of pink icing and sprinkles. We all love cake, but we don’t love muffin tops. As the ultimate eye candy, this tote is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth! I’m pretty sure that every girl needs this statement bag!

Get the details: www.shoebakery.com

11. Nixplay Seed Digital Frame


You have memories and you want to share them, but in your 20’s you are done putting sticky tack on your walls with your favorite photos.  Try upgrading to a digital frame.  We love this, Nixplay Seed digital frame.  The Nixplay Seed is the easiest way to get in touch with your photos. Place the frame in your loved one’s home and easily email or send photos using the Nixplay Mobile App. Using WiFi connectivity, display photos sent from anywhere in the world. Let’s face it as women in your 20’s your techie and this is your way to embrace it!

Get the details: Nixplay.com

12. GoPro Hero Session


A woman’s 20s are her chance to explore, to travel, take adventures and document them all.  The Go Pro HERO Session is GoPro’s smallest, lightest camera yet, and it’s one button control makes it super easy to use.  As a woman on the go in her 20’s this is the perfect camera to bring along with life’s most exciting moments.  The size is perfect to fit in a purse or makeup bag and captures excellent quality pictures for every adventure. It’s also Wi-Fi compatible so it can connect to the GoPro app on your mobile device for easy sharing on all social media channels.  

Get the details: gopro.com

13. Red Carpet Manicure Limited-Edition Pro Kit


If you’re a do-it-yourself type of woman then you need the Red Carpet Manicure limited-edition pro kit. Sometimes we don’t want to go to a spa and spend way too much. As a young woman, it’s our time to grow and learn. I think it’s fun to learn all of the salon techniques right from my home. When it comes to my nails, I need a manicure that’s going to last. Women in their twenties are constantly busy with cleaning, cooking, exercising, traveling, and everything else. They need nails that can keep up with her – that means no scrapes, peeling, or chipping. The Red Carpet Manicure pro kit is easy to learn, simple to use, and it gives you a salon-quality look without the price! It’s a definitely a must-have.

Get the details: www.nordstrom.com

14. Becca X Jaclyn combo


Never pick between color and highlight again with combination of necessities when it comes to makeup. Every twenty-something who wears makeup on a regular basis is knows that finding colors that match can be difficult and just down right frustrating sometimes. That’s why every woman in her twenties needs this. We are at the age where makeup is no longer as fun as it was when we were growing up. Now it’s become an artful way of expressing who we are. Finding what works best for us can take a lot of time (and money). Rest assured, this product will help enhance your natural beauty and make you feel confident in your skin.

Get the details: Sephora.com / Get the Angled Highlighting Brush at Sephora too

15. NuFACE mini Facial Toning Device


As women starting their careers or their families or whatever it might be, sometimes stress can show in our face. Feeling confident results in looking confident, but sometimes the vice versa is the same. If we didn’t all care just a little bit about how we look, we would all be wearing brown paper bags and would never wash our hair. But, what happens when the stress in our life starts showing in our face, resulting in making us feel less confident? That’s where NuFACE mini Facial Toning Device comes in. It’s simple and easy to use. It can be done once a day for very few minutes and will just give your face a bit of a lift, making you feel comfortable and and confident with your skin!

Get the details: NuFACE mini Facial Toning Device

16. Clarisonic Mia

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.16.10 PM

Having skin that looks fit and firm is easier said than done. It takes a lot of time to make our skin feel smooth and healthy, let alone make it look that way. Sometimes, the world expects too much of us. Usually, women in their twenties don’t have the time or the money to go and get intense facial enhancing done. That’s why having something handy that can fit easily in a purse is a miracle to have. Clarisonic Mia is easy to use and can help with so much, so easily. It is a great, handy product for any woman in her twenties to have.

Get the details: Clarisonic

17. Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale


Electronic scales can be wrong; that’s just the truth. You will think you weigh a certain amount and then go to the doctor to only find out that your scale was completely off. The Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale will give you the accuracy you are looking for, plus it will tell you more than just your weight. Through its app, the scale can tell you multiple things including your BMI, your muscle mass, and your body fat. It’s pretty incredible, especially because women in their twenties try their best to stay in shape and want to know what is actually going on in their bodies. This scale can give you accuracy as well as a lot of information.

Get the details:  www.amazon.com

18. Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable


Vinyl to MP3 recordings seem like a contradictory thing, but to women in their twenties who understand the differences in sound and the importance of technology, it’s not. The Belt Driven Bluetooth Turntable gives millennials that ease or mixing the old with the new. This turntable is portable, can connect to your phone, and has all the versatility that old school turntables don’t always seem to have. If you are a creator or music or just a lover of it, this is a great thing to have, especially for the price.

Get the details: www.amazon.com

19. Workout Gear


By the time you reach your 20’s you know the importance of working out.  Those metabolism’s just are not the same as a 12 year old and it’s time to invest in your workout gear.  Long gone are the days of working out in over sized tees and uncomfortable shorts.  Champion athletics offers a variety of clothing options for women in their twenties.  Nothing makes working out more fun than cute, trendy workout clothes.  Just like getting ready for a night out on the town, when you look good you feel good.  In your twenties you can take that motto with you to the gym and in no time you will not only be working up a sweat, but you’ll be smiling when you’re feeling great in your workout gear.  

Get the details: www.champion.com                       

20. On-the-go Personal Coffee Maker


Being able to brew an entire pot of coffee is a luxury. Even more so, we don’t need that much coffee at one time. We want just enough to take on the go. Wasting coffee isn’t good. Reheating coffee makes it taste burnt. The On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker does exactly what you want: no more, no less. It will brew your coffee directly into a stainless steel insulated thermal travel mug extremely fast. Keep it at your work desk or on your kitchen counter at home. Caffeine becomes more of a necessity as we get older, so it’s better to get the best products now while it’s at such a great price.

Get the details: On-the-Go Personal Coffee Maker

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