20 Things You Must Do In Your Twenties

Your twenties are the prime of your life, and they set the foundation for the path of your future. Once you enter the world of “adulthood” you’ll be filled with ambivalence and excitement.  The years ahead undoubtedly consist of some of the most liberating, confusing and exhilarating lifetime experiences. You’re young, but you’re old enough to take the world by storm. This list will provide you with momentous ideas to inspire you to do just that.



1. Make a bucket list. Of course I’m going to provide some great material for that bucket list, but nothing is better than your own personalized list of dreams and goals.

2. Learn something new. Take a cooking class, learn an instrument or a new language.

3. Fulfill a practical childhood wish. If you’ve always wanted to go to Disney Land and never been, let out your inner child and go do it!

4. Conquer a fear. Overcoming a fear while you’re younger makes it easier for you to face scarier experiences when you’re older.

5. Don’t waste time waiting for what you want to happen. Set goals and put a plan in action.

6. Jump at those once in a lifetime opportunities. When a good opportunity comes your way, forget the pros and cons list. GO FOR IT!!

7. Move out. Whether it’s shacking up in the apartment complex 5 miles away from your parent’s pad or moving to an entirely new city. BE FREE!

8. Make a drastic change in your appearance. Whether it’s cutting/coloring your hair, changing up your makeup routine or adding new pieces to your wardrobe. Embrace change.

9. Create a memorabilia. Fill up your photo albums, start writing in a journal, scrapbook concert/movie tickets and important events of your life. Capture the best years of your life. You’ll love having something to look back on when you’re older.

10. Splurge on something huge. Who cares if it’s a fad or some geeky thing you’ve always wanted to own. Splurging on something you may later regret is best excused by using the young and stupid token excuse. “Oh thaaat?? I bought it on a whim in my 20’s!”

11. Get a pet. Whether it’s a cute and cuddly bunny or an exotic amphibian, once you have independence and money you can choose any pet you like from the pet store.

12. Host a party. Sure, it may not be as exciting as the house party from Project X, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be a good party host. Get supplies, a rockin’ playlist, invite guests and create a night to remember.

13. Allow yourself to fall in love. We often think of our twenties as our “independent years”, but if you find a worthy sidekick don’t ruin it by running in the opposite direction.

14. Save money. Whether it’s collecting change in a penny bank or opening a savings account, saving back allows you to have funds for a rainy day or perhaps a bigger investment.

15. Travel alone. Nothing says discovering yourself like discovering the world on your own.

16. Travel with friends. Go on a road trip with exclusively your closest friends. What better way to live up your younger years than exploring the world with your bffs? I’m thinking CrossRoads meets The Hangover!

17. Go to a drive-in theater. With the continuously increasing popularity of streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu, the classic drive in experience might not always be around. Enjoy the experience while you can.

18. Attend a memorable event. Coachella, EDC, New Years Eve at Times Square. There are many exciting places to make unforgettable memories.

19. Occasionally disconnect from the technology world. Go out and enjoy the wonders of nature and the company of those you care about most.

20. Be open to endless renovation. Don’t wait for the New Year to change things about yourself that you don’t like. Reinvent yourself whenever YOU feel it’s necessary!

You only get ten years to be in your twenties. Now that you know how to make the best of those years, go out and LIVE!

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