20 Walking Dead Items to Buy on Amazon

by Veronika Yatskevich

Weather you’re a fan of Carl, Rick, Darryl, or any other characters in the show, we got you covered in this Amazon gift guide. You’ll find yourself wanting to buy all of these cool and useful items to give to your friends, or maybe keep for yourself.

1) Amc The Walking Dead Trivial Pursuit

It’s time to one-up your friends to see who has the best Walking Dead knowledge out of the group. This game could keep you busy for hours with over 600 questions included. The best part? It’s 2+ players so you only need two people to play the game. Check it out here.

2) Negan Baseball Bat

Whether you’re planning your upcoming Halloween costume or going to a Walking Dead themed party, Negan’s baseball bat is a must. You’ll  find yourself getting into character faster than you can say eenie, meenie, miney, moe.

3) The Walking Dead: The Official Cookbook and Survival Guide

If you’re one of those people that believe that the zombie apocalypse could actually happen, then this cookbook will be very useful to you. Endorsed by The Walking Dead, this cookbook provides not only recipes but survival tips. Get to cooking.

4) Walking Dead Nail Decals

These decals are too cute and will leave you feeling like that tough chick that you know you are. The set includes loveable Darryl Dixon, strong-willed Michonne, leader Rick Grimes, the late Carl, and several eerie zombies.

5) Michonne Katana Sling Bag

Now you can pay homage to one of your favorite characters, Michonne. This bag is stylish and incorporates elements from Michonne’s personality and style. At 39.99, it’s not too bad of a price for a purse.

6) Darryl Shirt

For every Darryl lover out there, this black t-shirt is a must-see. It features Darryl with his popular crossbow and the words “Because Darryl said so” written across the shirt. At 12.69, it’s a steal of a deal.

7) The Walking Dead Charm Necklace

Keep your favorite Walking Dead characters close to your heart with this necklace which features Rick’s revolver, Carl’s hat, Darryl’s crossbow, a binocular, hatchet, and lantern. This necklace would make the perfect gift for a friend. Buy it now for free shipping.

8) Darryl Dixon Crossbow Lamp

When you’re scared while Watching The Walking Dead, let Darryl and this lamp ease away your fears. Your friends will be amazed by the detail in this amazing lamp standing 23.5″ tall by 10.5″. So, go ahead and treat yourself to a lamp like no other. There’s also a Lucille one if Negan’s more your style. 

9) Onesie

For anyone expecting, why not get them a Walking Dead onesie? This cute little onesie pay’s tribute to Judith before Carl picked out her name. It even fits toddlers from 2T-4T. Buy it now for a little less than 13 bucks.

10) Walking Dead bifold Wallet

This wallet is pretty cool for anyone who remembers the first episode of The Walking Dead when Rick is roaming through the hospital and stumbles upon the message written on the padlocked door. The wallet says “Don’t open dead inside” and even has a replica padlock with escaping zombies.

11) King Ezekiel Replica

Show some love to King Ezekiel by purchasing this astonishingly similar figurine. It comes with Ezekiel’s famous sword which can be separated from the cane and a stunning display case to ensure it’s safety.

12) Bic Lighters

Each lighter features a different and equally horrific zombie. You’ll have a new conversation starter with these AMC officially licensed lighters. Just be careful, you don’t want to spook your friends too much.

13) Pudding Lunch Box

Admit it, you were bawling your eyes out when you found out that Carl was bit by a walker. Well, now you can memorialize him by purchasing this quirky and unique lunch box that Carl would have loved. Don’t forget to pack some pudding!

14) Survivor’s T-Shirt

If you can’t pick between a favorite character, who not pick them all? This shirt includes Rick as the ringleader, Darryl as the archer, Michonne as the samurai, and Carl as the kid. The shirt represents the tight bond between the characters. You’ll surely get a lot of compliments on it.

15) Carol Sticker

Carol is one of the most quote-able and iconic characters in the series. We have seen her go through a lot from loosing Sophia to being exiled from the group. If you love Carol just as much as the rest of us, you’ll enjoy this cookies quote from Carol. Just remember, don’t look at the flowers.

16) Shiva Poster

If you’re a fan of Shiva, you’ll love this mysterious and enticing poster of her featuring a King Ezekiel quote that says “Hope is the north star let it guide you.” Buy it now for less than 10.00.

17) Laurie Holden Magnet

It’s been a long time since Andrea’s demise in season 3 but this magnet reminds us how The Walking dead has not only impacted our lives but the actors as well. This quote demonstrates the “beauty” in The Walking Dead.

18) Rick’s Sheriff Hat

Were you inspired by all that Rick’s done in the series? Or perhaps you want to remember Carl. Well, this hat is the perfect purchase for you. It’s an exact replica of Rick’s hat that’s not been handed down to Judith.

19) Walking Dead Shoes

Show of your love for the tv show with sneakers which feature all of your favorite characters from the season including Sasha, Carol, Glenn, Hershel, Tyreese, Shane, and many more! I guarantee if you buy these, you’ll be getting a lot of compliments.

20) Negan Mug

We definitely saved the best for last. This Negan mug is amazing and we could totally see Jeffrey Dean Morgan sporting this cup in the morning. It features a menacing Negan staring up at you with a handle shaped like the beloved Lucille.

We’re sure that you found at least one item on this Amazon list that you or a loved one will enjoy. Be sure to check out our other Amazon Shopping Guides including this Harry Potter one.

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