23 Little Things to Look Forward to in the Spring

And Spring arose...

The start of a new season means lots and lots of new, exciting and most importantly, refreshing things to look forward to. Spring happens to be my favorite season for the ALL of the 23 following reasons:

  1. Sleeping with the windows open
  2. Waking up to the sound of tweeting birds
  3. Flowers blooming
  4. March Madness (kind of)
  5. A spring break getaway
  6. Wearing that cute new sundress
  7. The smell of freshly cut grass
  8. Baseball players’ butts in uniform
  9. Sitting at sidewalk cafes
  10. Putting the parka away for a while
  11. Vitamin D
  12. Essie’s Spring Collection
  13. Pastel colors
  14. Driving with the windows down
  15. ‘The Age of Adaline’ premiere, starring my woman crush, Blake Lively
  16. Fresh fruit
  17. Longer days
  18. Acceptable ice cream eating weather
  19. Pedicures
  20. Running (or attempting to run in my case) outside
  21. The end of flu season
  22. Spring Awakening in every sense of the word
  23. Only 92 days until summer begins!

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