25 Best Food Trucks in Phoenix, Arizona

Make sure you stay energized and hydrated as you wander through the steamy streets of Phoenix, Arizona. Knowing the best places to eat in a new city can be challenging so here’s a scoop on the 25 best food trucks around Phoenix:

1. Mustache Pretzels

Craving some carbs? You can get freshly made, hand-rolled pretzels in the shape of handlebar mustaches from Mustache Pretzels. Using non-GMO flour, this food truck offers a variety of pretzel flavors and delicious dips. Just remember: “great mustaches aren’t born – they’re bread.”

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2. Waffle Love

Are you craving something sweet? Stop by a Waffle Love food truck for some freshly made waffles with your favorite toppings such as Nutella or strawberries and whipped cream! They also offer some gluten-free options. We think you’ll agree that it’s “love at first bite.”

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3. Voodoo Dogs

If your mouth is watering for a classic hot dog, look no further than Voodoo Dogs’ gourmet hot dogs! These hot dogs loaded with flavor and are made with natural ingredients. Check out their classic Voodoo Dog along with other hot dogs such as the El Sonora Dog and the Windy City Dawg.

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4. Cactus Corn

Stop by Cactus Corn if you’re looking for a light snack. Since 1998 Cactus Corn has been serving their light and fluffy gourmet kettle corn that is popped to perfection!

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5. The Traveling Cup

No matter where you travel, coffee is there to get you through the day. But, unlike traditional coffee shops, The Traveling Cup “bring[s] the brew to you.” This unique coffee “shop” will give you a taste of coffee from around the world!

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6. The Maine Lobster Lady

From November to April the southwest can enjoy lobster straight from Maine! Chosen as the 2016 Best of Phoenix Best Food Truck, The Maine Lobster Lady and her fishing partner responsibly collect fresh lobster and then bring it to the southwest so that Arizonians can taste their fresh catch!

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7. Queso Good

If you want some classic Mexican gourmet cuisine, check out the Queso Good food truck. Queso Good has been serving the Phoenix area since 1973 and features delicious cheesy quesadillas and tacos. “We make cheese taste just like it should, we make it Queso Good!”

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8. Spice it Up

Take your taste buds on an adventure and try foods and spices from around the world with the Spice it Up food truck! As seen on season 6 of the Great Food Truck Race, all the food is cooked fresh on the truck and features low-calorie items including vegetarian and vegan dishes.

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9. Island Loco

Island Loco allows you to experience the flavors of Hawaii in Phoenix, Arizona! This fusion food truck offers delectable dishes such as Hawaiian-style tacos, burritos, and plate lunches which feature steamed rice and pork or chicken.

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10. 2 Fat Guys Grilled Cheese

Does the thought of grilled cheese make you melt a little inside? Then you should check out 2 Fat Guys Grilled Cheese where you can choose from one of their 20 variations of grilled cheese sandwiches!

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11. SugarPlum Froyo

This sweet treat truck can grant your every wish. The SugarPlum Froyo offers frozen yogurt, gelato, Italian ice, custard, and sorbet. Build your own treat by picking your flavor(s!) and then your toppings.


12. Yaya’s Tacos

Yaya’s Tacos are gluten-free and paleo friendly! You can enjoy fresh tacos full of flavor made from organic and local ingredients. This food truck for those looking for something quick, fresh, and healthy!


13. Constantino’s Italian Kitchen

In addition to delicious pasta combined with specialty sauces, Constantino’s also offers subs and small bites such as pizza fries, Italian stuffed mushrooms, and cannoli. They offer vegetarian and gluten-free options for those with dietary restrictions.

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14. Grandma’s Navajo Frybread

Looking for some comfort food? Then you should head over to Grandma’s Navajo Frybread. You can eat there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


15. Buzznbeez

If you enjoy southern style food then Buzznbeez is the perfect food truck for you. Their menu features a variety of seafood dishes such as fish-n-chips and cajun grilled shrimp. Check out their website to find out when they are in the Phoenix Valley.

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16. Mamma Toledo’s Pie Truck

Mamma Toledo’s has a permanent location that sells delectable freshly baked pies and a pie truck that brings the desserts to you! Check them out for fresh, homemade pies that are made from scratch.

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17. The Flying Pigeon

Specializing in gourmet casual food, The Flying Pigeon features fusion foods with recipes from around the world. This food truck offers colorful food that is full of flavor!

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18. SuperFarm SuperTruck

Serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, SuperFarm SuperTruck offers the classics such as BBQ burgers and southwest chicken quesadillas. Stop by SuperFarm SuperTruck for food that is locally inspired and southwest influenced.


19. Hibachibot Korean BBQ

This husband and wife food truck features Korean, Mexican, and American fusion cuisine. Main chef Virginia Schenck was born in Korea and combines the best flavors from her birthplace to create unique dishes for the Phoenix area.

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20. Mister Softee AZ

In Arizona, you don’t need an excuse to stop and get a treat to help you cool off. Mister Softee serves all the frozen treats that you can think of, making them fresh in the truck. Stop by for soft service ice cream sundaes, soda floats, cones, cups, banana splits, and shakes with toppings galore!

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21. Que Sazon

If you can’t make it to South American, Que Sazon will bring their South American cuisine to you. Their menu features plantains, rice bowls, arepas, chicken empanadas, and tacos


22. Rock A Belly

Featuring food that is globally and locally inspired, Rock A Belly’s menu is rocking with flavor. With items like Jerry Lee Steak Tacos, Mosh Pit Fries, and Chubby Checker Cheese Steak, this food truck is sure to rock your belly!

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23. AZ SnoShack

Get soft shaved ice in over 40 delicious flavors! If you need to cool off then stop by AZ Snoshack for an ice-cold treat.


24. Hot Cookie Truck

Warm cookies, vanilla bean ice cream, gourmet toppings, oh my! Check out the Hot Cookie Truck’s perfect combination of cookies, ice cream, and toppings that are sure to top off your day.


25. Gypsy Cup

This cute traveling cafe offers a variety of beverages including great coffee (brewed and nitro), expressos, lemonade, kombucha, and tea. Stop by this whimsical food truck to start your day with the perfect cup of coffee.

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There are food trucks for everyone in the Phoenix area. Next time you’re in Arizona, check out some of the trucks featured on this list and let us know which are your favorites!

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  1. Reply

    Have you ever tried Circle R Farm..We were actually just voted best gourmet cuisine this year… We serve fresh Duck, filet mignon, roasted turkey, slow roasted pulled pork and crispy bacon burgers..
    Please stop by next time..
    You will be in for a great treat…Plus our pomegranate lemonade will top it off…Been number one for 3 years…

    Come see us

    Robert Coleman

    • Diana
    • July 2, 2017

    You forgot Fantasy Funnel Cake, best desert truck out there!

      • Robert Coleman
      • July 2, 2017

      You certainly forgot Circle R Farm food truck..

      It was just voted Best gourmet cuisine at the festival..

      Come on they serve filet mignon, fresh crispy duck, 18 hour slow cooker BBQ pork..

      Ya missed here..When you rate good food trucks..They should be chef driven.. and a Mr. Softie, snow cones and coffee trucks don’t fit the bill…

      Food implies food…And some of those you have listed have even been written up by the city…Their are great trucks out there including Writes, Mingos that blow the ones on you list away…If you are going to contribute a blog , at least ask around..

      Or go by sales dollars…

    • Marie Owen
    • July 2, 2017

    Have you guys ever thought about the customer service and timing impacts reviews as well.
    Please be mature and let this blogger do their thing!

  2. Reply

    Aloha Sarah,
    Definitely a great line-up of premium trucks! I hope one day you get to try us out! Happy Honu Shave Ice has roots from the North Shore of Oahu and has the valley’s best Hawaiian Style Shave Ice! Mahalo Nui Loa!

    • SeanZ
    • July 20, 2017

    Lol Queso Good??? If you want to get super sick and spend a weekend on the toilet. Queso Good and Burgers Amore are what’s wrong with the gourmet food truck scene in Arizona. Complete disregard to the small business, chef driven, mom and pop feel to only serve poor quality garbage.. Also QG hasn’t been around since 1973, Ralph’s has but not Queso Good.. maybe 2011/2012. Need to get out and try some other trucks.. a lot of great ones around the valley.

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