3 Celebrities Died on Monday, July 13th

by Kelly Ann McGuinness
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On Monday, July 13th, three different celebrities passed away. After a lengthy search, Naya Rivera, most known for her role in Glee, was officially pronounced dead. Actress Kelly Preston, known for her lengthy career on screen, had passed away from Breast Cancer. And finally, Grant Imahara, host of Mythbusters, had died from a brain aneurysm.

Naya Rivera

Naya Rivera had gone missing on July 8th after going boating with her son. Though Naya was nowhere to be found, her son was found alone on the boat. After 6 days of searching the lake, they were able to recover her body.

Naya Rivera had an undeniable impact. She had been acting since she was a child and held an impressive career. Rivera’s most known for her role as Santana on Glee. This role opened the doors for many young queer girls (including myself) to see themselves represented on screen. Similarly to her character Rivera was witty, passionate, and fiercely talented. Upon the news of her death many of her friends, colleagues, and fans have been sharing stories, videos, songs, and memories of Naya.

Kelly Preston

The announcement of Kelly Preston’s death came through her husband John Travolta’s Instagram. It was through this post that he revealed that Preston had passed away after a 2 year battle with Breast Cancer. She is survived by her husband John Travolta and her two children.

Kelly Preston had a rich acting career. Some highlights of her extensive movie career include Twins, Jerry Maguire, The Last Song, Return to Sender. Similarly, her TV highlights include Joey, Fat Actress, For Love and Honor, and Medium. In addition to these credits and more Preston was an important part of many kid’s life. For instance, she starred in movies such as Cat in the Hat, and one of my personal favorite movies Sky High. Family, friends, and fans have been sharing their favorite memories across social media.

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Grant Imahara

Grant Imahara had a sudden death due to a brain aneurysm. In addition to being a host of Mythbusters, he also was an electrical engineer and worked with animatronics. He was 49 at the times of his passing.

Imahara worked on many popular movies for visual effects. For instance, some of his hard work can be seen in all of the Star Wars prequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, as well as The Lost World Jurassic Park. Similarly, his work as an actor can be seen on Mythbusters, Sharknado, and Star Trek Continues, among others. His fellow co-hosts, fans, and family have been posting in remembrance of him.


The three have been remembered across the media. From co-hosts to fans, to family, and colleagues people have been sharing memories and more in honor of these three. May Naya Rivera, Kelly Preston, and Grant Imahara rest in peace. Our thoughts are with all the families and those affected by these deaths. May you all stay safe, healthy, and happy.

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