3 Changes You Need To Make For Great Heart Health

by Sarah Ruhlman

Our heart is the most important organ in our body. After all, without it, we wouldn’t be alive! Therefore, it’s so important to make sure we look after our heart so that it keeps ticking away without an issue for as long as possible.


But a lot of people are making some daily errors which are putting their ticker in jeopardy. Therefore, here are three changes you need to make for excellent heart health.

Take away some of the pressure from your life

It’s so easy to have a lot of pressure in our life. After all, we are always trying to make the best of our life. And it often leads to stress when things start to go wrong. However, when you overstress, it will send your blood pressure soaring. And with high blood pressure, the force can damage your artery walls. And it means there will be less oxygen getting to your heart. As it will have to work harder to produce oxygen, it can become worn out. And then you could end up with heart disease. Therefore, it’s time to reduce some of the stress in your life to ensure you keep your heart healthy. Work out why you are stressing and how you can solve it. Sometimes it takes leaving your job or a bad relationship to lower your blood pressure to ensure your heart ticks away properly!

Change your coffee order

When we are on the way to work, it’s easy to stop for a coffee. After all, it’s so tempting to get a buzz to help you through the challenging day. But if you have too much caffeine you could be putting your heart at risk. More than three cups a day is linked to heart disease. And you might end up experiencing heart palpitations if you have too much caffeine. In fact, too much caffeine can cause conditions such as atrial fibrillation (Afib). You will be left hunting online to ‘find a hospital near me’ where you can receive the right treatment. As well as this condition, too much caffeine can cause high blood pressure! Therefore, change your coffee order to a healthy smoothie or green tea, which will keep your heart healthy!

Turn off that TV

At this time of the year, exercise can be the last thing on our mind. But it’s so important to get some exercise into your life if you want to keep your heart healthy. Therefore, it’s time to switch off your television and get active instead. When we do physical activity, it increases our heart rate and forces it to work harder. And it can also make your heart more efficient at pumping blood through your body. Therefore, you will be less breathless when you try and tackle those stairs in the morning! Brisk walking and running are just two forms of exercise which are great for your heart. You can read this article for more exercises which are perfect for your heart health!

And remember it’s so important to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables if you want to keep your heart healthy. As I said previously, veggies can lower blood pressure and cholesterol. Therefore, fill up on green vegetables to help keep your ticker stay in good shape!

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