3 Reasons You Should Be Making The Most Of Your Garden

by Sarah Ruhlman

People in flats, apartments, bungalows and other homes without gardens spend all summer looking longingly out of the window wishing they had some outside space of their own. While so many of those that do have that space take it completely for granted! Are you guilty of this? If you’re lucky enough to have a garden at home, it’s well worth making the most of it.

Here are just a few reasons why.

It Allows You to Use Your Outside Space

Whether you are a homeowner or a tenant, you’re paying for the space surrounding a property, not just the home itself. So why wouldn’t you make the most of it? Over the winter when it’s dark and rainy it might not be somewhere you want to spend time, but over the warmer months, the garden can be transformed into your own little sanctuary. A place to eat, relax and socialize with friends and family. You can soak up some sun, put your feet up and enjoy gorgeous surroundings. If you like to entertain, having outdoor space for guests to use is useful too, you might choose to host exclusively outside! Afternoon tea, cocktail parties, and barbecues are all wonderful ways to enjoy the garden when the sun is shining. For many couples expecting a baby, a home with a garden is an absolute must have. And for good reason, a safe and enclosed outdoor place where kids can play and explore is what childhood memories are made of. If you have dogs too, space where they can run around, play and burn off some energy is useful. Even if you have a very landscaped and ornamental garden, it’s worth keeping an area of lawn just free, so you have space to lay down a towel or picnic blanket to relax, or kids and pets can play.

It Adds Value To Your Home

A nice garden will certainly help your home to stand out from the crowd, and could be the difference between it selling quickly and sitting on the market for months. It could even bump the value up too. Buyers like features like well-built decking, established plants and nicely landscaped gardens, something to bear in mind if you plan on selling later down the line. In the meantime, these are things you can enjoy yourself.

It’s Great For Wildlife

When cities and farmland are built over the fields, trees, and lakes that once existed, wildlife are forced out of their homes and can struggle to survive. Planting some bee and butterfly friendly flowers, and building a pond are two ways you can help. Ponds allow frogs, toads, and other amphibians to breed, plus they act as a valuable water source for birds, insects, and other creatures. Hanging bird feeders out in your garden is another way you can make a difference, especially since at certain times of the year birds natural food is very scarce. Don’t use harsh chemicals such as weedkiller, more natural methods are far kinder to any wildlife that finds its way to your yard.


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