3 Reasons to See Alien Covenant

I’m a big fan of the Alien franchise and the latest movie in the series, Alien: Covenant was definitely not a disappointment.  This thrilling film was extremely suspenseful and I was grossed out by all of the creepy aliens, yet intrigued at the same time.  As the members of the colonization ship, Covenant head towards a remote planet wanting to start new communities and lives, the crew overhears a transmission from a nearby unknown planet.  With the hopes of being able to save a couple of stranded people, the crew of the Covenant decides to land on the unknown planet…(big mistake).  Upon arrival, they discover that the planet is inhabited by some of the grossest and creepiest looking aliens that anyone’s ever seen.  In the fight for their lives, the crew struggles to overcome this incredible setback.  Here are 3 reasons why you should see Alien: Covenant when it comes to theaters on May 19th!

  1. The Plot is Extremely Thrilling

This movie grabs your attention from the minute it starts and doesn’t let go of your focus until the movie ends.  I had very high hopes for this movie since I was such a big fan of the previous Alien films and this film truly exceeded my expectations.  Not only does this movie feature extremely creepy aliens, but it also presents remarkably human-like robots or “synthetics”.  With great character development, dialogue and action scenes, this movie is sure to please a wide variety of audiences.

  1. It’s Another Addition to the Alien Franchise

I’m sure that all of the other Alien fanatics out there were just as excited as I was when I heard that a new Alien movie was coming out.  Alien: Covenant is actually a prequel sequel, so in the Alien timeline it takes place before the first Alien film, Alien.  It’s a bit confusing right?  Don’t worry because all of your current confusion will be taken care of after you see Alien: Covenant.

  1. Amazing Special Effects

I would imagine that it’s very difficult to create special effects that made the aliens look as horrifying as they did.  Each creature that came on screen was incredibly detailed and realistic, and this made the movie a hundred times more thrilling and intense.  This was just one of the many details that made this movie so unbelievably amazing.
Is the crew able to escape the aliens?  In order to find out, go see Alien: Covenant, in theaters May 19th!

Check out the official Alien: Covenant website here!

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