3 Reasons Why a Day out at an Escape Room Is a Great Idea

by Sarah Ruhlman

Escape rooms are a fantastic real-life adventure and thriller gaming experience, which have recently come about and grown rapidly in popularity in the last few years.

The way these games work is simple, in principle, anyway. You are locked in a room and have to escape. The way you escape is by collecting clues, studying your environment, uncovering secrets, and progressing one step at a time until you’re able to break out.

Escape rooms will tend to have different “themes” and “storylines” which can range from things like “you’re a thief who has just tripped the security system in a government building and needs to escape before the guards find you”, to “you’re a guest at a dinner party, but everyone’s vanished, and you need to escape.”

In other words, an escape room essentially allows you to live out your favourite thriller novels in person.

Here are some reasons why an escape room might just be the perfect day out.

Brings you and your loved ones together in new ways

Friends and family often tend to interact in the same kinds of ways from day to day. You meet your colleagues at work, and maybe you have a coffee together every so often. You meet your friends at the bar or club, and maybe you have a movie night every so often.

As for your relatives? Well, you likely have dinner together, watch TV, and talk about what’s on your mind lately.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with these ways of interacting. Far from it. But wouldn’t it be exciting and interesting to enjoy some new experiences with friends and loved ones?

An escape room allows you to experience suspense, excitement, and adventure together in a way that you might not often get to. It will forge some strong and uplifting memories, give you all something to talk and laugh about, and get your hearts racing for at least an hour or so.

Forces you to get creative and think in new ways

Learning new skills and having new, intellectually stimulating experiences, is thought to promote new growth and activity in parts of the brain that may be associated with improved learning in general. In other words, the more you exercise your mind, the stronger it’s likely to become.

Many of us go through life pretty much on autopilot, and stay in our comfort zones just a little bit too much. What we need is puzzles and challenges to keep our minds sharp, but that’s often not what we give ourselves.

An escape room is a perfect opportunity to stretch our creativity and exercise our minds, as we are forced to consider novel approaches to novel circumstances.

Makes you feel like a real hero

A big part of the reason why we watch films and TV shows, is that we just love to feel like heroes, vicariously. As humans, just watching characters doing heroic things can make us feel heroic by association.

An escape room is another opportunity to feel the hero in a film or book — like James Bond — but the experience is likely to be much more vivid and fulfilling, as you will actually be in the driver’s seat directly.

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