3 Signs You Should Leave Your Job For Something Better

Work can be a real chore for a lot of us. Granted, there are some people lucky enough to go to work every day and love the job they have. They’re fulfilling a passion, something they’ll gladly work hard on every day.

For others, work is work. It’s something that has to be done, whether we like it or not. But, work is made even worse when your job stinks. A bad job is horrible as you feel stuck doing the same stuff over and over without any real reward or feeling of accomplishment.

No one wants to be stuck in a bad job forever, but sometimes you don’t even realize your job is bad. Often, your employer’s could be taking advantage of you without you even knowing. As such, I’ve put together this little guide to help you out. In it, you’ll find some signs to watch out for that prove your job stinks, and that you should leave and find a job that treats you better.

You’re Severely Underpaid

It’s no secret that some jobs pay a lot better than others. You may be in one line of work and get paid a lot less than a friend who’s in another line of work but works fewer hours. There’s nothing wrong with this, it’s just the way things are, your job isn’t as high paying as theirs. But, the problem is when you and someone else have the same job, only you get paid a lot less. This is when you know you’re being treated unfairly by your employers. The easiest way to figure out if you’re underpaid is to do some online research. Go on job boards and look for the same job that you do. You’ll be greeted with vacant roles from other companies, and can compare the salaries they offer. If your salary is way below these ones, then something isn’t right. Why on earth would you stay in your current job when you can find a better-paid one that you’re qualified for and have enough experience to get? Start earning more money for doing the same amount of work at a different company. Or, go for an entirely different career change and try to find a better-paid job altogether. As you can see here http://www.moneycrashers.com, there are lots of high-paid jobs that don’t require any educational background or much experience.

You Have No HR Communication

As the employee of a company, you have a right to speak to HR representatives and discuss things with them. The human resources part of a business is there to help keep things in check and manage the relationship between employee/employer. As seen here http://www.elliswhittam.com/HR-consultancy businesses can hire HR experts to help them handle a whole range of employment issues. If the company you work for doesn’t have an HR department or outsource a consultancy, then you’re at a disadvantage. You’ve got no HR team to communicate with and raise issues regarding your work. It’s not fair, and you shouldn’t trust a business that employs lots of people but doesn’t give them a chance to communicate with an HR team. You’ll be amazed at how different things are at a company that does have a proper HR team and has an open communication path between them and you.

You’re Overworked

Another clear sign that you’re treated poorly at work and should leave for something better is if you’re overworked. Of course, working isn’t always meant to be easy. You should be working hard and ending each day feeling tired. This is good as you feel like you’ve really earned your money and accomplished something. The problems lie when you’re being made to work way above what you agreed to. Perhaps you only have a certain amount of contracted hours in your contract but are being worked way over that. Now, it’s not illegal for a company to ask you to work overtime. However, they should pay you extra, and they really shouldn’t work you too far over what you’re contracted to. If you’ve got a 20 hour a week contract, but they’re getting you to work 40 hours every week, then you’re overworked. A company that overworks its staff is a company that doesn’t care about its staff. Quit your job and find someplace that will care for you and give you more realistic hours while also compensating you for any overtime you work.

If you’re reading this list and nodding your head thinking all these signs apply to your job, then it’s time to wake up. Take a look around and see if there are any better jobs you can apply for. Work is a lot better when you’re happy, and happiness stems from how you’re treated and valued by your employer’s.

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