3 Things to Think About If You Hate Your Job

Very few people on this planet actively love what they do for a living.

It’s a bold statement but, for the most part, it’s true. A lot of people outright dislike their job, seeing it as a means to an end that must be tolerated. Their working life is more about endurance than enjoyment. Even for those who like their job, it’s rare to find someone who is truly enthused about their work, someone who would perform their role just for fun even if there wasn’t a paycheck at the end of the month.

Then there are those of us who have the biggest struggle of all: finding yourself in a job you intensely dislike, perhaps even to the point of describing how it makes you feel as being close to hate.

The above is so commonplace that it’s frequently a punchline in sitcoms and in comedy routines. In fact, it’s generally assumed as the default; that everyone dislikes their job, because that’s the most common sentiment.

So why is this? Is there some uniting factor in why people hate their jobs even though everyone performs a vast array of different roles?

The most identifiable reasons for hating what you do are surprisingly universal, even though the jobs themselves might be wildly different. If your work is causing any of these kinds of feelings, then it might not be the healthy choice for you.

Your Job Makes You Feel Compromised

As an extreme example of such a compromise, this would be the vegan who has to work at an abattoir. It’s a role you have to do because you need money, but you hate everything about it. You feel it compromises your personal beliefs, so that every day feels like an internal battle between your practical side and your ideology.

You Don’t Feel Like You’re Making A Difference

Not everyone has the fortune of working in charitable or social work careers, so you’re stuck with the feeling that nothing you do has an impact on anything. You might know that your contribution is important to the company, but you don’t really think that – in turn – the company is important to anything. The feeling can make you feel separated from the world around you, stuck in a job that doesn’t have any meaning beyond the bottom line of a business balance sheet. It’s depressing and demoralizing, and if you feel this way often, it’s something you need to examine.

You Don’t Feel Appreciated

If you don’t feel that your contribution is appreciated or even noticed, then it’s incredibly difficult to take pride in your work. The moment you feel that you could do anything and your boss wouldn’t really notice, then you begin to feel insignificant – laziness and neglect follow quick on the heels of such a feeling. Many huge multinational companies don’t have structures in place to make each individual feel valued. If this becomes a persistent problem, then you can always request a review of your work or ask for feedback from a boss. If they’re not giving appreciation willingly, then sometimes, you have to make sure they are noticing what you’re doing.

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