3 Ways to Make Your Wedding Day Very Memorable

by Sarah Ruhlman

It’s becoming increasingly popular for brides to have their wedding dress preserved after the big day, and is a service that has been provided by specialists for just over a century.

Although not everyone opts to keep their dress after its main use, many like to keep it as a prized heirloom. Time has shown us however, that due to the nature of the materials which these dresses are normally made from, they often show visible signs of age in the years after they’re first worn, even if kept in the cleanest of conditions.



Preserving memories

We now have businesses that specialize in wedding dress aftercare and preservation however, so it’s worth thinking about this option if you’d like to maintain the original condition of your garment. Many people don’t realize how many invisible stains can gather on this type of dress, such as cosmetics, perspiration, food, and champagne splashes etc., which can create permanent stains on the fabric if not removed soon after the event. Plus, even steps that seem like common sense, like keeping your dress in certain types of plastic covering can also be damaging, since the plastic itself can cause yellowing over time.

So it really depends on what level of sentimental value you have placed in your garment. An important point to remember here is that it’s often a little late to have this professional service carried out if you wait too long after the first time you wear it for a full day, since as mentioned earlier, the material may have already begun to be permanently stained by the normal wear and tear of the celebration.

This is where bridal shop specialists, and same day dry cleaning services can save the day, by treating your dress with the appropriate products so that its original beauty is kept intact.


The process

The first part of wedding dress preservation is a process called ‘detailing’, where a specialist determines what types of material your dress is made from, as well as the way it’s constructed, since the way it must be cared for can be different depending on these factors. After this point, the cleaning process begins, before moving onto any minor repairs that may have to be carried out.

The actual preserving itself, normally involves a boxing process, where the dress is sealed in a luxury style presentation box. The look and style of the container will differ depending on the business, but the technique used is always similar. The air inside the container is treated so that it’s almost impossible for oxidation to occur, which is the main cause of yellowing over extended periods of time.

And if you’re thinking that this sounds a little bit like you’re turning your dress into a museum piece, you’re not far wrong, since the process is similar to how delicate clothing items are preserved for public display. Depending on your budget, there is also the DIY option if you’d prefer to buy the materials yourself.


It’s worth mentioning however that there are some restrictions created by the process. Obviously, the good news is that your dress will retain its condition for an almost indefinite amount of time, looking as good as it did on the day you wore it.

Although, this is only if you keep the presentation box/container sealed. This is because as we mentioned earlier, the atmosphere inside it has been specially treated. So in the event that you wanted to take your dress out to try on again, it would no longer be preserved under the same conditions, unless you paid for it to be re-sealed.

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