3 Ways To Reverse The Effects Of Stress

It’s no secret that we live in a world where we want to have it all and have it now. The issue with having it all, is that we wear the effects on our bodies. Our bodies are precious and we all forget that while we are pushing ourselves to work more hours, have more children, do more of everything. The wear and tear effect that it has not only physically drains us, but it makes us look haggard.

That’s a horrible way to describe our physicality: horrible but true! Everything from our hair to our toenails needs to be looked after and there are some ways you can reverse the effects of stress, it’s simply a case of being aware of your stress levels.

1. Our skin is the biggest organ of the body. We’re (thankfully) covered in it, so it makes good sense to keep it in good condition. When we are stressed, our skin tends to react to the surge of stress hormones in the body and it’s because of stress reactions that it can be considered a physical condition – not just emotional. With stress, our skin breaks out. Spots, blackheads, changes in skin type from normal to oily – all these reactions are stress and hormone related. Keeping hydrated is key and having a good moisturising routine daily can keep your skin clear of bacteria as well as looking fresh and plumped rather than grey and saggy.

2. Hair is one of the biggest reactors to stress. Have you ever had clumps of hair in your hands after a shower? Sometimes that’s due to the cycle of growth and shedding and sometimes, stress can make that shedding more extreme. In some extreme cases, alopecia areata and telogen effluvium are the result of stress. There are finasteride tablets for hair loss that are an option for hair regrowth, which can help if stress level reduction isn’t easy. Your hair is outwardly visible so make a point of learning how to reduce stress first.

3. Your nails can be affected by stress, in the same way your skin can be. It makes nails brittle and makes ridges appear through them. Nails are not immune to the outward signs of stress so don’t be naïve when it comes to looking after them. Even the men out there should be reading this and inspecting their fingernails for dirt underneath, ridges and broken skin. Having a routine for clipping and cleaning your nails doesn’t make you feminine, but it does make you clean! Having stress levels that affect your nails can really get you down but the reversal can happen if you take care of yourself: it’s a mood booster.

Making the time to stabilize your stress levels can have a wondrous effect on your body and while you cannot halt the effects of stress forever, you can reverse them until a more manageable time. Taking care of you is important; make it a priority.


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