The 4 Best Halloween Celebrations from Around the Country

by Veronica Vivona
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Halloween is almost here and for anyone who just can’t wait, don’t worry. We have some ideas about how to get you into the Halloween spirit!

This Halloween, there are plenty of celebrations you can take part in that will absolutely get you feeling all those awesome Halloween vibes! From pumpkin celebrations, to historical ones, there is an option for everyone. We guarantee it!

Here are 5 Halloween celebrations from around the country that you are sure to enjoy!

Haunted Happenings (Salem, Massachusetts)

Salem, Massachusits is best known for one thing: witches. Well, it’s more known for its ridiculous prosecution of said witches, causing the town to sentence plenty of women to death, usually for no good reason. Thankfully, Salem has turned that into something much more positive. The town has become Halloween focused! They have a Haunted Happenings celebration that happens during the ENTIRE month of October. Every part of town partakes in the festivities, so you are sure to have a blast!

The Great Jack-O’-Lantern Blaze (Croton-on-Hudson, New York)

Want to see some crazy jack-o-lanterns? You don’t even realize what you can do with a pumpkin until you visit The Great Jack-O’-Lantern Blaze celebration in Croton-on-Hudson, New York. It essentially is a display of the crazziest, most insane pumpkin carvings you will ever see! From dinosaurs, to giant spider webs, it has it all! The celebration is available on certain days throughout the season!

Village Halloween Parade (New York City, New York)

The Village Halloween Parade is a staple in New York City! The entire city loves it and it’s an absolute blast! The parade involves hundreds beyond hundreds of puppets with plenty of bands and fun music. The entire event is focused on Halloween, so it will be pretty spooky and scary, but in a fun way! The entire city shows up (or at least it feels that way). It’s nothing like you have ever seen before!

West Hollywood Carnaval (Hollywood, California)

If you want a street party, this is the celebration you need to attend! The West Hollywood Carnaval is an all night street party with tons of music and fun! It happens on Halloween night, but there are other events that occur on the days beforehand. It happens on Santa Monica Boulevard, with all the restaurants and bars staying open for the festivities! If you want to spend Halloween having the time of your life, this is the celebration you need to attend!


Which Halloween celebration are you most excited about?


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