4 Essential Dating Tips for the Single Girl


As someone who always seems to be single, I have started giving my self-esteem sisterly pep-talks. It may seem ridiculous to take dating advice from an extremely single gal, but oddly enough, being single has given me the opportunity to pick up on some major do’s & don’ts of dating. I have been able to observe my friends and even complete strangers on the metro to figure out what works and what definitely doesn’t work. Whenever Mr. Right feels like popping into my life; I am going to ace this little dating game with the following four tips;

1. Your goal isn’t to make him fall for you.

If you head into a date with the wrong objective and mindset, I can guarantee things won’t go your way. You want to date someone who relishes in your imperfections. Don’t try and fool him into thinking you’re something or someone that you’re not just so he’ll fall all over you and ask you on a second date. If he doesn’t like the real you; he isn’t worth the second date.

2. Patience is the master key.

As you’re sitting across for your new beau at a coffee shop, you notice that he’s tapping his fingers on the edge of the table at a pace annoying enough to grind your gears. Don’t judge him off of the little things. His moderately annoying tendencies don’t define him as a person. And, chances are, if things work out, you’ll learn to admire his quirks that make him, him.

3. Don’t over analyze.

Well, I think the date went OK, But he didn’t look me in the eyes when he said goodnight. He’s DEFINITELY not into me. UGH. We are all guilty of overanalyzing and we are all aware that it has the potential to ruin a good situation. I challenge you to stop thinking so much. You will be amazed at the good things that flow naturally.

4. Listen to your gut.

While most people would say “listen to your heart,” I have learned that your gut won’t lie to you. Though you may be completely wrapped up in a guy that says all of the right things at all of the right times, or you may swoon over his deep blue ocean eyes; if he isn’t the right man for you – you will know. Don’t try and justify the negatives by listing every other reason that he might be perfect for you. If you have a gut feeling that he’s the wrong guy; he IS the wrong guy. Your gut knows best.



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