4 Hacks to Smarten Up Your Other Half

So you like to think you take care of yourself. You always to look  smart and your friends would call you fashion forward. The image you portray is stylish and classy and somehow you manage to make it look effortless. However, can you say the same for your other half?

If your man is your equal in everything but the style stakes then it would be time to give his wardrobe a reboot. Perhaps he’s stuck in a rut or just doesn’t have a clue, it’s lucky for him you’re on hand to help. Although he may not see it that way at first, you should be able to convince him!



Buy him a gift. If you’ve seen something he’d really suit, then why not purchase it for him? He’s bound to wear it, even if it is just out of duty. Of course he’s going to feel obliged to wear it, especially when you’ve gone to so much effort. So you’re halfway there. Ensure you make all the right noises. Tell him how fabulous he looks and show you mean it. He’ll appreciate the attention and maybe even secretly like all the compliments. After all, it’s nice to get a boost now and again.

When buying clothes for a man, always take his personality into account. Sure, you’d like him to be a snappy dresser, but if he spends all day working in a manual job, he’s unlikely to wear a suit and tie to work. If he’s strictly casual and like to hang out in leisurewear, then don’t expect him to change dramatically any time soon. You can give him a little push in the right direction, though. Leave your laptop browser open on a stylish men’s clothing site like Lanieri.com and leave it lying around. Or why not take him shopping? If you’re smart, it can work wonders.

No matter what size he is, if clothes don’t fit properly, he’s just not going to look all that good. Now, no one likes to go in like a bull in a china shop so do try and show a little sensitivity. Even if you aren’t exactly known for being subtle, there’s no need to hurt his feelings. He may be a rough tough guy on the exterior, but even the most confident of chaps have some insecurities. Tell hi what looks good not what doesn’t. If you emphasize on the positive points, then you’re more likely to get a positive response!

Invite him out somewhere he has to dress up. Give him notice though don’t make it too much of a surprise! He’s going to need time to get prepared. By taking him to a fancy restaurant or the theatre, you’re putting him in a position where you he has to make a sartorial effort. Give your man advice on what he should wear and reassure hi. If you let him know how fantastic he’ll look once he’s all spruced up, then why wouldn’t he be keen to don his best bib and tucker? After all the work you’ve put in though, dinner should be on him!

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