4 Reasons Why #AnnabelleCreation is the Most Terrifying Movie of the Summer

by Sarah Scoop
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If you’re looking for a great horror movie to see this summer, then Annabelle: Creation is the perfect one for you!  This was honestly one of the scariest movies that I’ve ever seen and if you’re a horror movie fanatic, then this one is a must-see.  Although this isn’t the first movie in the The Conjuring series, Annabelle: Creation is actually a prequel story, and explains how the possessed doll came to be.  The story follows a group of young orphan girls that are taken in by a former toymaker and his wife.  Expecting a safe haven and home, the girls soon realize that their stay in a new house will be anything but calm and relaxing.  When the “weakest” orphan, Janice (Talitha Bateman) stumbles upon a creepy doll, she becomes the target of an evil spirit that has been attached to the doll for many years.  As the spirit becomes stronger, the girls must fight for their lives, or become victims to the deadly spirit.  Here are 4 reasons why Annabelle: Creation is the most terrifying movie of the summer!

1. The Plot is Based on True Events

Although the majority of the movie is made up, there actually is a real possessed doll named Annabelle.  The possessed Annabelle doll can be seen at the Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut, but visitors are strongly advised not to touch or open the box that contains her.   Are you brave enough to visit the real Annabelle?

2. The Doll is Absolutely Horrifying

The incredibly lifelike Annabelle doll is one of the scariest aspects of the whole movie.  Even though the real Annabelle is a Raggedy Ann doll, the movie uses a porcelain one, with authentic features that could give you nightmares.

3. The Movie is About More than Just a Doll

While you might think that the movie is simply about a creepy possessed doll, the plot actually focuses on the demon just as much as the doll  The spirit that manipulates the Annabelle doll is able to move around from object to object, and can inhabit humans as well.  What could possibly be scarier than that?

4. None of the Characters are Safe

In many horror movies, it’s easy to guess which characters will survive and which characters will perish, but this was not the case for Annabelle: Creation.  I was never quite sure what was going to happen next and I was completely wrapped up in the suspenseful plot.  To make matters worse, none of the characters in the movie are safe from Annabelle, as she’s truly unstoppable.


Find out what happens to the doll by seeing Annabelle: Creation, in theaters today!

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