4 Reasons to See Snatched

Amy Schumer makes her hilarious return to the screen as she stars in Snatched, coming to theaters on May 12th!  This amazing movie had such a unique plot and I can’t believe how much I loved it.  After being dumped by her boyfriend, adventurous dreamer Emily Middleton, played by Amy Schumer, invites her mother (and polar opposite), Linda, played by Goldie Hawn to travel with her to Ecuador for the adventure of a lifetime.   When the two arrive in Ecuador seeking fun memories, they get way more than what they bargained for and end up being kidnapped.  As the two struggle to escape from their captors through the jungle, their journey is filled with hundreds of hilarious twists and turns.  Here are 4 reasons to see Snatched, in theaters May 12th!

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn are Hilarious Together

The casting of this mother and daughter duo was completely perfect.  I could not have imagined these roles being played by anyone else and the chemistry between the two was natural and believable, not to mention that they were absolutely HILARIOUS together.  From getting completely drunk to having to jump onto a moving truck, these two were hysterical to watch in every second of the film.

The Movie Develops an Incredible Mother-Daughter Bond

At the beginning of the film, Emily and Linda have a rocky and complicated relationship.  Linda is constantly trying to take care of Emily and convince her to spend more time in the protection of her home.  As the two undergo their incredible escape in the jungles of Ecuador, they begin to bond and recognize the parts of each other’s lives that they previously had not understood.  This was such a sweet aspect of the movie and after seeing it, all I wanted to do was go home and hug my mom.

The Film Features Beautiful Tropical Scenery

Although this movie was actually filmed in Hawaii, it still features some of the most beautiful tropical scenery that I’ve ever seen in a film.  As the mother-daughter duo explores the jungle, they encounter some of the most amazing wildlife and vegetation that the Earth has to offer.  This was a very unique and refreshing aspect of the film that I really enjoyed.

The Plot is Very Fast-Paced and Exciting

Not once during this movie did I wonder what was happening outside the theater; this movie kept my attention for the entire duration of the plot.  The storyline moves quickly and the action grabs your attention and keeps you focused on the hilarious jokes for the entire movie.  

Does this hilarious mother-daughter duo make it out of the jungle alive?  To find out, go see Snatched is in theaters now!

Check out the official Snatched website!

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