4 Reasons Short Hairstyles Are Taking Over


Summertime is rapidly approaching and it’s time for a new “do”. One thing that’s really in right now is short hairstyles! Let’s face it, Kim K. is rocking her newly blonde shoulder-cut hairstyle, Shailene Woodley has been killing her short hairstyle and Zendaya recently showed off her cut along with several other different styles.

It’s way easier to manage

As someone who cut their hair before, I can tell you it was a lot easier to manage. I didn’t have to worry about what hairstyle I was going to rock that day. If you’re like me, this is heaven because I take my hair so seriously. A bad hair day can throw off your entire look.

Summer cool down

The one thing I hate about the summer is the fact that I sweat. When I used to have long hair, my hair would constantly stick to my skin. With a short hairstyle, you don’t have to worry about hair sticking to your neck or chest in the summertime.

Save money on hair care products

Half the hair means half the hair care products! When you have longer hair, you have to buy all those products to make sure your hair stays in line and and won’t frizz with humidity. It saves you money, which means more money to go on adventures with your besties.

Add some edge

You can be edgy and experiment with so different hairstyles! Shorter hair is so versatile. Try something different for each day

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