4 Revlon Lip Colors To Try

I have got 4 colors for you ladies to try. I gradually bought them and have worn these quite a couple times and I can definitely recommend them.

Berry HauteHairstyle to try it with: Wear with soft waves or beachy hair.

Siren- Hairstyle to try it with: pull your hair half up or with a neat bun.

Twinkled Pink- Hairstyle to try it with: pulled back ponytail, side braid or wild curls.

RavishRed- Hairstyle to try it with: glammed up ponytail like Blake’s, a high messy bun or a low ponytail.

Blake Lively

These colors flatter just about every skin tone and they spruce up your outfit instantly. These gorgeous colors are perfect to bring in Spring and Summer. So put your best foot forward and play up these lip colors with a whole lot of confidence and the coolest outfit you can find.


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