4 Signs Your Parent Could Do With Some Extra Help!

As we celebrate getting another year older, it’s a scary fact that our parents are also aging too. As much as they still want to take care of us, the roles do reverse, and it’s time to take care of them. It can be hard to know when it’s time to provide your parent with some extra help. They are unlikely to ask for help as they won’t want to be a nuisance. Here are four signs your parents could do with some extra help.



They get in trouble when driving

A lot of people are questioning what age people should stop driving. We hear of so many accidents every day involving older people. They often miss road signs and end up speeding by accident. Also, their reaction speed is not as quick and they don’t break in time, meaning they go in the back of other cars. If your parent is getting into trouble with the law when driving, it might be time to talk to them about stopping driving. It is a hard decision as it can stop them being as independent. But it’s important for their safety, and others on the road, that they are following the law.

They are struggling to keep the home clean

It’s so important for your parent’s health that they clean their home regularly. They could easily get a stomach bug if they eat rotten food which has been left in the fridge. They also will be more at risk of allergens if they don’t dust and hoover their home. You should consider finding them some extra help to clean their home. You might want to hire some elderly companion care who will clean your parent’s home regularly. They will be able to help them do simple tasks such as prepare food and change the bed sheets.


They are getting forgetful

It’s normal to become forgetful when you get older. In fact, over half of over 65’s admit their memory is not as good as when they were younger. However, if forgetfulness is becoming a regular occurrence, it could be a sign of something more serious such as dementia. You should take them to the doctor who will carry out a number of tests to check your parent’s memory. They will need to move into assisted living accommodation if they are suffering from a form of dementia.

They are struggling to move around as much

As people get older, it can be harder to move around as much. Your parent may struggle to walk long distances without assistance. However, if it starts affecting them moving around their own home, you need to intervene. Older people with joint or muscle pain might find it easier to have a cane or a walker so that they can move around easier. You might want to adjust the home by installing a walk-in shower and a stair lift. Talk to them about what they need to make life easier for them.

And while you are looking after your parent, here is a guide to keeping your own health on track!

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