4 Simple Tips to Make Your Bathroom More Inviting

by Sarah Ruhlman

The bathroom comes only second to the bedroom when it comes to the most intimate part of the house. The bedroom is where you sleep and spend some naked quality time with your partner, and the bathroom is also where you undress and clean yourself. Both rooms are where you are at your most vulnerable so they should be inviting and also expressing the kind of personality you have.

The bedroom decor is something that you can get wild and creative with, but the bathroom seems to always have a set rule to follow. This modern day rule is all about neutrals, mainly a blinding white. You have the choice between a very bright and postmodern shaped bathroom, or perhaps something that is more eclectic. If you had a choice, which would you go for? More or less, you’d go for the latter as you have more options to inject you own style into it. So why haven’t you made your bathroom much more inviting yet?

White versus baby blue

Walk into any interior design store or browse any decor style website. You will see the same thing over and over again until you’re bored out of your mind. Bathroom are all white, from top to bottom to the windows to the walls. Everything looks like you’re in hospital. And actually, that’s where this style comes from. Some say it’s from the Scandanavian home decor style but really, sheer white bathrooms are inspired by sanitary areas. The room looks germ-free and tidy when it’s in white. We feel as if there will be less chance of becoming ill by being inside the room. 

However the color of the bathroom can also be baby blue. This is the color of the ocean, and since you’re splashing around in water what better way than to connect the two together? It’s not just wallpaper or merely painting the walls blue, but you can have baby blue tiles as well. Tiles are easy to clean using something like Lemi Shine so you don’t need to worry about murky water and steam creating dry stains. Use the shower and tile variant as it is designed to work in hot and steamy environments. It’s made out of 100% natural citric acid so there won’t be a foul synthetic smell left behind.

A set of rugs

When we climb out of the shower or bathroom, we feel a sense of coldness. The air outside in the room is going to be cooler than inside the humid bathroom. However, when you get out, the floor is also going to feel cold. You can make things more comfortable by adding a pair of rugs onto the floor. One for the bath or shower, and one for the sink. The sink is where you brush your teeth in the morning and if you live in a cold climate or get up early while the night is just fading away, the floor is going to be chili. A nice wool rug will keep things simple but it will be the best material to use which can capture natural heat. It’s a very insulating material but also very absorbent of liquids. 

Larger the better

So many families use medium-sized bathroom mirrors. Usually it’s only the hallway which has the large mirror but it should also be in your bathroom. The larger the better, as long as it can fit in the room and hang on your wall safely then that’s the kind you should be using. Will it be square, rectangular, oval or circular? It depends on the kind of style you’re looking for.

A square mirror is modern, something from the 90s. A rectangle style is contemporary with many present day homes being naturally given this kind of bathroom mirror. However you also have an oval shape which is traditional and a little more classic. The circular shape is a little retro and perhaps something from the art-decor period or perhaps the 80s. 

Adjustable light

When waking up in the morning, one of the most hated things is when the light hits you square in the eye. Your eyes are still waking up even though you’re up already, so the last thing you need is for the bathroom light to blind you. Install an adjustable LED ceiling light or perhaps a bathroom mirror light so you can brush your teeth in a dim setting and brighten the room all the way when you’re taking a bath.

There’s a lot of things you could do to make your bathroom somewhere you enjoy being. Feeling comfortable in a cold clinical bathroom is not often achievable, so maybe you should ditch that sheer white modern decor and go for an ocean baby blue style. 

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