4 Simple Truths That Will Lead To Life Happiness

by Sarah Ruhlman

You only live once, in all likelihood, and it makes sense to try and make the most of it. Many people have all sorts of different ideas about what ‘making the most of it’ entails. For some, it means simply having as much fun as you possibly can. This is not a bad goal, but perhaps there is more to life than that. Others might argue that helping others and bringing about more peace could be a viable answer. Again, perhaps this is too narrow a focus. Whatever your opinion on the matter is, the fact is that you first need to take care of yourself. It is only by taking care of yourself that you can then work on the other aspects of life. And taking care of yourself means trying to be as happy and healthy as possible. Being happy and healthy is actually relatively straightforward, although often difficult to execute.


Ultimately, you just need to ensure that you understand some basic truths. Knowing these will help you to live a more fulfilling life. Let’s take a look at what those truths are.

The Body Is The Temple

If you want greater ongoing health, you need to understand the way in which the body and mind are connected. It is foolish to think of them as being separate, yet that is how most of us see it automatically. If you think about it, however, there is no possibility that they can be truly separate. The mind and the body are one, and they should be treated as such. Once you appreciate this, you come to see how important it is to look after your body. If you want to be happy, then you need to know how to properly look after the body. A holistic approach is the only one which really works here. So make sure that you are doing all the essential things that you need to do to look after your body. Get enough exercise, eat properly, drink plenty of water and sleep well. All of this is essential for a life which is more fulfilling, longer and ultimately happier.

Stress Is Unnecessary

We have, these days, come to regard stress as utterly normal. This is hardly surprising. After all, stress does come up many times in most modern people’s daily lives. However, in natural terms, this is insanity. There is no need for stress to be quite the central thing that we take it to be. It is a sad indictment on our modern way of living that stress is seen as something of a badge of honor. The idea of stress is tied up with the notion of the hard-worker. If you think it is noble to be a hard-worker, there is nothing wrong with that. But it is foolish to allow that idea to manipulate your life in such a way that you cause yourself endless stress. In natural terms, stress should arise when the body is under threat. For most of us, however, it is more like the result of wanting to be somewhere else. So do yourself a favor, and keep your stress to a minimum. You can do this in all sorts of ways. Learning to be mindful and slow down is a good first step. Meditating is also incredibly powerful here. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t create unnecessary stress for yourself – and it is all unnecessary.

Getting What You Want Is Surprisingly Easy

Make a quick list of ten things that you want. Go on – they can be anything, big or small. Ten desires. Now, for each one, close your eyes and visualize yourself in possession of that thing, or making that achievement, or whatever it is. The secret here is to picture yourself already having succeeded, already a millionaire, for example. The more you focus on the image, the stronger and clearer that image becomes, the better. So take your time, and do this whenever you want anything. Can it be true that simply visualizing getting what you want can make it more likely to happen? Well, yes, it is true, and it is called the law of attraction. If it seems like magic to you, bear in mind that there are perfectly rational explanations for why it works. You are allowing your unconscious mind to focus on your desires, thus subtly influencing your actions to make it more likely to happen. The next time you want something badly, try this out. You might be pleasantly surprised. And it is good to know that getting what you want is pretty easy once you know how. This is likely to set you up for greater health and happiness in no time at all.

Sleep Is Your Best Friend

Today, we often allow ourselves to fall into bad habits regarding our sleeping patterns. The fact is, you need a certain amount of sleep in order to function. Without a proper amount of sleep, it is much less likely that you will function at your best mentally or physically. Getting the right amount of sleep is difficult, however, and it is often because of how we have structured our lives. If you think you could do with some more sleep, there are some things you can do. One strong piece of advice here is to avoid caffeine after midday. Caffeine can affect your ability to sleep for up to twelve hours after consumption. Also, try to limit your screen use around bedtime. The light from screens affects your ability to produce melatonin, the chemical which lets your brain know it is nighttime. So it is a good idea to try and avoid screen use altogether in the evenings. Reading a book instead is likely to help you get to sleep much easier. What’s more, it is also better for you mentally, and will help to contribute to your psychological health. With more sleep comes an improved ability to function in all ways, so make sure you champion sleep as much as possible.

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Judy Rosas November 7, 2016 - 9:54 am

This was a great article Sarah! Thank you for sharing your insights on how we can be better person by taking care of ourselves first 🙂 Love the pic too! lol.

Rebecca Temsen April 14, 2017 - 10:52 pm

Nice one Sarah! Its really simple and I believe I can be happier!


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