4 Things to Ask Yourself When Choosing Your Ideal Christmas Movie

A Christmas movie is one of the essentials of the holiday season. Preferably, you have time to watch more than one. Everyone enjoys a good Christmas movie, but requirements for what makes the perfect one can differ. If you’re not sure what your perfect film is just yet, you probably need to think about a few factors to find the best one.

Who’s Watching?

In your search for the ideal movie to watch, you first need to consider who’s watching. Is it just you, maybe some friends or adult family members? Or will there be kids or teenagers watching? There are plenty of family-friendly movies, from Home Alone to Elf.

Animated or Live Action?

You’ve got a choice of whether to watch an animated movie or a live action one, which is probably something you’ll be considering if you have kids. But if you want something that’s kind of in-between, there’s always The Muppet Christmas Carol – puppets are better than cartoons, anyway.

Christmas-themed or Just Christmas-adjacent?

Plenty of people’s favorite Christmas movies aren’t exactly about Christmas, they’re just set at or around Christmas. If you love a good romcom or romance, you’ve got movies like Love Actually or The Holiday to choose from. And if action is more your thing, there’s the Christmas classic Die Hard. Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a Christmas movie.

What’s Your Fantasy Film?

Maybe your ideal Christmas movie doesn’t exist yet. If you’ve got a fantasy film, like Sunny’s made-up Christmas Is Cancelled, maybe it could come true one day. What would it be about and who would star in it?

Sunny Presents The Perfect Christmas Film Recipe

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