4 Things I’m Looking Forward To In The New Criminal Movie

I am so excited to be heading to New York City this weekend for the New York premiere of the new Criminal Movie. I love a good action packed movie and I can’t wait to see it all come together. I think I’ve watched the trailer over thirty times. I’m just so excited, I can’t help it.  Make sure to follow along with me on social media for details on the trip!

Until then check out these 4 reasons I can’t wait to watch the new Criminal movie.

Criminal Movie

Criminal is a new action-packed movie coming to theaters soon and I am beyond excited! When a CIA agent dies (Ryan Reynolds) while having an unfinished mission, a death row inmate (Kevin Costner) is given the skills and memories to finish it for them. Not only does the inmate recall the agents memories of the mission, but he also recalls the memories of the agents loved ones as well. This adds a twist that I am really looking forward to seeing. Besides the twist, I have plenty of other things that I am looking forward to and here are 4 of those things:

1. Seeing amazing actors sharing the same screen.

I mentioned that Reynolds and Costner will be starring in the film, but Gal Gadot, Gary Oldman and Tommy Lee Jones will also be alongside them with many others. Not only are there great actors, there is an amazing director as well; so how could anyone expect anything other than great?

2. The memory implant.

To see how the memory of a CIA agent impacts a criminal is definitely something to look forward. Will he be all good? Or will he still have the mindset of a criminal in the back of his head? This is something that I want to know.

3. How they make the decision on making a criminal in charge of a CIA mission.

It’s not everyday that you see a criminal being given the opportunity to do a government job. It will be exciting to see the choices that they make to give a person who is on death row a chance to do good.

4. The action.

As an action movie lover, I am mostly looking forward to seeing the unfinished mission. What makes it even better is that it is done by a part CIA agent and part criminal.

So look out for this action-packed romance coming to theaters April 16.


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