4 Things You Probably Should Have Done Already This Year

Can you believe it? We’re already a few months into 2016 already. We’ll be halfway through before we know it. Cast your mind back to January for a second. What we’re those things that you swore you would start doing properly this year? We are all full of good intentions at this time, but when life swings back into action, keeping to our promises can be hard.


So, let yourself be reminded of four things you probably should have already done this year. And, because it’s only fair, how to start doing them too!

1. Checked your smoke alarm

We all know that a smoke alarm with dead batteries is as much you as not having a smoke alarm at all. But with it being such and small and inconspicuous part of the home, it’s pretty easy to forget about it! Stop ignoring yours and check it’s still working. Replace the batteries if needs be. Stop putting it off; it could save your life one day. http://lifehacker.com/test-smoke-alarms-with-real-smoke-not-just-that-conven-1055542742 has a smart suggestion for testing yours.

2. Started making a budget

Have you been meaning to start making a monthly budget plan ever since reading how effective doing so is some two years ago? Well, stop putting it off. Budgets can really help you cap your spending. One could also save you a fortune. You might find that you totally overspend in one or two areas, like food shopping for example. Spotting this will give you a tangible thing to cut back on. You can switch from the high-end supermarket that you usually use to a more affordable one. Do this for the rest of the year and you could save hundreds. Look at sites such as http://www.which.co.uk/money/money-saving-tips/guides/how-to-plan-an-effective-budget to learn how to make an effective one.

3. Booked that appointment you’ve been avoiding

If you’ve been letting other things take priority over important appointments, it’s time to stop. Book that dentist, doctors or opticians appointment you’ve been avoiding! If your excuse is that you can’t afford it, look into insurance plans. If your excuse is that you can’t get the time off work, book an appointment well in advance. And if your excuse is that you don’t know where your nearest clinic is, use sites like http://dentist.24hourly.com.Or, quickly send a text to some local friends and family and ask where they go.

4. Cleared out your wardrobe

What inevitable thing will happen if we keep buying clothes and shoes, but don’t even clear out our wardrobe? It will turn it a bulging and chaotic mess, of course! Clearing out your wardrobe has likely been on your to-do list for a while. If you haven’t got around to it yet in 2016, now is a great time. Going into the warmer months is a great opportunity to pack away your winter clothes and tidy the spring and summer clothes left inside. Get inspiration for how to organize it again using YouTube videos like https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wq5UapCP-Gw. Just try not to let yourself spend an hour watching more irrelevant videos afterwards!  

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